What A Guy Says To His Friends About A Girl, And What He Actually Means

by Dan Scotti

Although society suggests women are more inclined to flock together and chat about the privacy of their personal lives -- probably over a few martinis, like a scene directly out of “Sex and the City” -- words usually aren't at a premium for men, either, especially when in the company of themselves.

It may look different. Perhaps we'll substitute those fancy cocktails for a few pints of beer or a couple of Rizlas.

And although we may not harp on as many details as the ladies might, we're still human beings -- and it's only natural to divulge some information to our close friends when the opportunity arises.

The information we relay, however, might not be as easy to decode for women as it might be for us.

Men are used to speaking in code, replacing certain "details" for pleasant euphemisms.

We may say one thing but mean something entirely different, and --most of the time -- our guy friends will know exactly what we mean.

Women, on the other hand, would probably have a touch more difficulty reading between the lines, so to speak.

In case you're wondering what exactly we mean when we're talking to our guy friends, I've provided a basic outline of some of the more commonly used phrases -- and their true meanings.

1. "She’s all right."

What it means: We probably like her.

Why we use it: Because we don’t really want to discuss the corny details about a girl we might like with the rest of our guy friends or just to keep things short and sweet.

Used in a sentence: “She’s all right. We went out to dinner again last night.”

Synonyms: “She’s good”; “Can’t complain”; “All good”

2. "I like her."

What it means: We really like her.

Why we use it: Because we always strive to be vague and indistinct about our true feelings, we don’t want to come right out and say we “really” like her.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, man. I like her. She could be a good one.”

Synonyms: “I’m into her”; “She's great”

3. "She spent the night."

What it means: We had sex with a particular woman.

Why we use it: Because, unlike the bulk of male stereotypes, not all men necessarily divulge highly-detailed accounts of their sexual conquests.

Used in a sentence: “Hung out with Jess last night -- she spent the night.”

Synonyms: “She slept over”; “We slept together”

4. "She’s cute."

What it means: We’re sort of interested in her.

Why we use it: Because we're attracted enough to some chick to use the word "cute"; however, we might not be fully ready to use ones like "hot" or "sexy" just yet.

Used in a sentence: "Yeah, I'm not sure what it is about her, but she's cute -- there's something.

Synonyms: “I'm into her”; “There's something about her”

5. "She’s got a good personality."

What it means: We might be compensating for a specific chick's aesthetic shortcomings.

Why we use it: Because we're interested in a woman, for reasons outside of her physical appearance.

Used in a sentence: "I'm not really concerned with what she looks like; she's got a good personality."

Synonyms: “Looks aren't important to me.”

6. "I was hammered."

What it means: We probably did something regrettable.

Why we use it: To illustrate the fact that we were not thinking clearly, likely as a form of compensation in the light of poor decision-making.

Used in a sentence: "Yeah, we slept together -- but I was hammered -- so I can't really remember the rest of my night."

Synonyms: “I blacked out”; “I don't remember”; “I f*cked up”

7. "I don’t like her like that."

What it means: We either value our friendship with a particular girl or really don’t like her.

Why we use it: Because we don’t want our intentions to get twisted or give anyone the wrong impression.

Used in a sentence: “Nah, we were just studying -- I don’t like her like that.”

Synonyms: “We’re just friends”; “It’s not like that”; “I’m not interested in her as anything more”; “I’m just being polite.”

8. "I just need a break from her."

What it means: Another woman has sparked our attention.

Why we use it: Because we need an easy out of a relationship or current situation.

Used in a sentence: “Yeah, I do like her -- but, I don’t know -- I just need a break from her for a little while.”

Synonyms: “I need some space”; “I need some time to figure out what I want.”

9. "I'm done with her for good this time."

What it means: We're probably going straight to her apartment after we get done here.

Why we use it: Because we don't want our friends thinking that we're falling back into the same trap.

Used in a sentence: "She really f*cks with my head. I'm done with her for good this time, though -- I swear."

Synonyms: “It's quiet for her”; “We're done (but it's not over).”

10. "She just doesn't know what she wants."

What it means: She knows she doesn't want us.

Why we use it: Because we can't take rejection and want to deflect as much of it as we can on other circumstances.

Used in a sentence: "Yeah, she's back with her ex now -- she just doesn't know what she wants."

Synonyms: “She broke up with me”; “I can't take rejection”; “She needs to do some soul-searching.”

11. "I think I might love her."

What it means: We definitely love her.

Why we use it: Because we don't want to fully commit to using that four-letter word, but we feel it.

Used in a sentence: "I don't know, man. I can't get her out of my mind -- I think I might love her."

Synonyms: “I love her.”