We're Undeniable: 7 Real Reasons Why West Coast Girls Are The Best

by Brianna Chavira

I know we have all heard this argument before. Between the West Coast and the East Coast, which one is better?

There are desirable things in both coasts, but as a born-and-bred Cali girl who has visited the East Coast and has friends from there, I think I can rightly argue the West Coast truly is the best coast.

Furthermore, I think the ladies of the West Coast truly do hold it down better than anyone. Just like Katy Perry says, “California girls, we’re undeniable."

As any true journalist should, I’m going to tell you exactly why "we got it on lock.”

1. The weather is BOMB.

Okay, seriously. Nobody can argue against this point.

The West Coast weather is just 100 times better than anywhere else in the US. It’s always warm and sunny, never really humid and the winters are NOT freezing. It hardly rains and it does get pretty green in the spring.

Our beaches are beautiful, and even though everyone complains about how cold the water is in the Bay Area, I’ve always been the first to plunge into the water in Santa Cruz as I watch my East Coast friends cry about how “freezing” it is.

We are what they show you in rap music videos, when the artist is cruising down the highway in a convertible with the top down, bumpin' those sweet, sweet tunes.

It’s like living in paradise all year 'round.

2. We know how to party.

Everyone likes to say New Yorkers party the hardest, but I honestly don’t think that’s true. Maybe they party on rooftops and do elite things, but we party on beaches, yachts, sailboats and we go hard.

California girls are the queens of rallying after a day of drinking on the lake. And let me tell you, rallying into the night is not easy.

We can pound beers just as hard as the boys can, and we throw back shots like it’s nobody’s business.

California girls, we know how to party. And we look good doing it.

3. We are way more chill.

Everyone always likes to joke about how California should be its own country: the United States of Chill.

Well, guess what? We should, because we really are chill AF. Cali girls are beachy, earthy and we don’t really care too much about caking our faces with makeup.

Of course, there are always going to be exceptions, but for the most part, we tend to keep it low-key with our style.

Cali girls are just way more approachable. We don’t walk around with our noses in the air, thinking we are better than everyone. And I know that’s just how NY born-and-bred girls are, but it’s f*cking rude.

If you go to a Whole Foods in California and ask for help, the sales clerk is going to step off the ladder and personally walk you over to what you are looking for.

Try that out in NY and let me know what happens. Chances are, they’re going to point their finger in the direction of what you want, while scoffing at you.

Cali girls are pretty damn chill.

4. We are outdoorsy.

California has some beautiful scenery, and we Cali girls love to go explore all the land has to offer us. Hiking trails are everywhere, and you best believe we are out there trailing them with our friends, soaking in that warm sunshine on a weekly basis.

We love to spend our weekends with our toes in the ocean, doing cartwheels and handstands in the sand. We have so many places to camp, and roughing it comes easy to us.

White-water rafting? Been there, done that. Floating the American River is like every kids' summer vacation here in California.

We thrive off adrenaline and we do our best work outside, underneath the sun and stars.

5. We show up to show out when it counts.

As stated above, we Cali girls tend to be really chill with our attire, but we also are the hipster capital of the world. We love to go all out when necessary.

Music festivals are our sh*t, and we take the cake when it comes to accessorizing our outfits with body chains, flower headbands, rainbow socks and cool chucks. Cali girls love an excuse to dress hip and crazy, and we do it well.

I mean, take a look at Kylie Jenner! Every teen idolizes her at the moment, and it’s because she takes risks with her style. She may be a little too young to be wearing half the stuff she does, but that’s a whole other story.

She looks good doing it, and we all know we pull from her look book when we're dressing up for some kind of day event. We rock flannels tied around our waists, dark lipstick and fedora hats, and we look absolutely fab.

6. Music is life.

So I’m not entirely sure this is 100 percent accurate, but when I was a freshman in college, I would send my best friend at Fordham a care package every few months. I always included a mix CD.

It sounds dumb, but my friend loved it. She always told me the music I sent her was always like two or three months ahead of anything they were listening to on the radio in the East Coast. My sister, who lives in the midwest, has also mentioned the same thing to me.

The Bay Area is known for our rappers and our movements in the rap industry. We are home to the “hyphy movement,” and we all were “ghost riding the whip” and going “stupid, dumb and hyphy” way before anyone else knew what that even meant.

When it comes to rap and hip-hop, we know our sh*t.

7. We have our own lingo.

My final point is going to delve into the fascinating language we created here in Cali. If you visit the Bay, you’re going to hear us ladies saying a few "interesting things."

For example, I was at a club last night and this chick was “giggin'” it on the dance floor. Translation: She was gettin' it, dancing hard. Another thing we say a lot is "hella," like that beach is hella cool. It's another word for "very."

Travel to Southern California, and you’re going to hear things like: gnar, gnarly, wicked, sick and some more surfer lingo. And last but not least, my all time favorite: cutty. Used in a sentence: That back road we took to the Valley was super cutty!

We Cali folk have our own unique language, and I find it hilarious.

My advice to you boys out there: Date a Cali girl because we really are undeniable.