Here's The Ultimate Coast-To-Coast Vintage Shopping Guide For Bargain Hunters Everywhere

Shopping vintage is a fun way to find one-of-a-kind frocks that will set you apart from fellow festival goers. Adding an incredible piece to a bland outfit, coupled with the thrill of the hunt, makes shopping vintage for your new favorite looks a no-brainer.

Plus, you are being kind to your bank account and the environment by shopping for recycled goods. Be sure to scroll down to find the best places to get your threads across the country.

Whether you are a novice newbie or a vintage warrior, finding the best pre-loved pieces can be tricky. From selecting the right fabrics to visiting the right haunts, here are some best tips to ensure your vintage shopping trip is a success.

Establish specific wants pre-shop.

Fine tune your must-haves! This is integral when sifting through endless racks. If you make a list of specific festival pieces you can't live without, you will stay on track instead of losing yourself in an endless array of options. Vintage band tees and high-waisted denim shorts are a great starting point.

Call your girlfriend.

Bring an equally dedicated bestie along to help you navigate crammed racks and poorly lit shops. Their morale boosts, honest assessments, outfit advice and motivational pep talks will be hugely helpful as you peruse your favorite stores.

Just try it on.

Examine the labels and be picky with fabrics.

Inspect potential buys.

When shopping in store, always hold the fabric to the light and be sure to do a thorough examination of any garments. Missing buttons, broken zippers and musty smells are easy fixes and you can even use this as leverage to negotiate the price down. Be wary of tears and holes, loose hems and cracking to avoid a wardrobe malfunction mid-dance move.

Don't dilly-dally.

Keep time of day in mind.

Vintage stores can be hard to navigate due to the expansive amounts of clothing packed in each store. Weekends are the busiest shopping days and are typically slammed, especially in major cities. And, since new deliveries typically arrive in stores during the week, try an early morning drop by or a lunch break run to beat the crowds.

Our Recommendations:

L Train Vintage (NYC)

Distressed overalls, psychedelic bomber jackets, Hawaiian shirts and a medley of metallics can all be found at this shop, now in six locations around New York City. The best part is - it's all relatively affordable!

Mr. Throwback (NYC)

This East Village staple is the place to be for a sportswear junky, boasting old school jerseys, classic kicks and snapbacks.

The End (Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree)

Build in extra time on your road trip to Coachella Valley to make a pit stop at The End in Joshua Tree; it will be well worth your time. This amazing boutique features designer accessories and clothes that will leave you drooling. Fringe jackets, platform shoes and various other boho '60s and '70s-style clothes and accessories run rampant and they even arrange their clothes by color!

Asos Marketplace (Online)

Feeling lazy? Sift through piles of vintage pieces without actually moving by shopping online at the Asos Marketplace, which offers affordable, wearable, street vintage. Quality sourced threads from hundreds of vintage sellers plus featured indie designers make this online destination a score. Plus, all of the clothes are modeled by real people, which eliminates the struggle of wondering what it would look like on your body.

Squaresville Vintage (LA)

This reasonably priced, well-stocked boutique will have every festival style need covered. Choose from an ever-changing array of carefully curated clothing from kooky kimonos to distinct crop tops.

Golyester (LA)

In business since 1976, Golyester is a vintage clothing destination that attracts flocks of fashionistas. Carrying clothes from the turn of the century all the way up to the '90s, this treasure trove boasts rare finds like hand painted Cavalli sets and hand embroidered period pieces.