10 Little Things You Can Do To Turn Around A Sh*tty Day

Some days, we just aren’t feeling it.

Whether we just can’t get our hair to look the way we want it to, or we just received some bad news at work, we all have our bad days.

Some of us are far too familiar with them. Some say they occur solely on Mondays.

However frequent they may be, we all can take solace in the fact the discontented sigh of, "I'm just having a bad day" is a universal feeling.

I’ve learned you can’t let these bad days get the best of you. We can’t keep wasting our time by using the “bad day” excuse.

As clichéd as it sounds, we let the littlest things control the outcome of our entire days. By doing so, we let potentially great days slip away right in front of our eyes.

Luckily, it doesn’t take much effort to turn these kind of days around.

It can be as simple as listening to your favorite song or getting a call from your best friend. No matter what you do to try to brighten your day, remember it really is possible to transform it.

We must stop letting valuable time slip away.

We have to stop letting our bad moods take over a full 24 hours of emotions whenever something goes wrong.

Here are some quick tips to completely alter a crappy day:

1. Put on your latest jam, and blast it on repeat.

Everyone has one song that helps him or her through.

My magical music fix is playing “Roses” by The Chainsmokers three times in a row and making an overwhelmingly huge deal about the beat drop.

Don't ask me why it completely changes my mood because I don't know, either.

Sometimes, music can move us in more ways than one. It can lift our spirits and send our minds back to a specific memory.

When you're feeling down and can't seem to win, blast your favorite song and dance it out.

Let out all your frustrations by dancing embarrassingly around your room until you just don't care anymore.

Keep on going until your bad day becomes obsolete or someone starts posting videos of you on his or her Snapchat story.

2. Grab coffee with an old friend.

If you aren’t a coffee lover, I’m just really sorry to hear that.

But if you are, a simple day brightener comes with one cup of pure joy (and lots of cream and sugar).

Grabbing a quick cup of liquid Adderall coffee with an old pal at a nearby coffee shop or book store can help restore your mind.

By reuniting with old friends, we often reminisce upon old memories that make us smile.

Whether it was the time your high school friend group ran from the cops at a Halloween party or the time you saw Drake front row in concert, these old-time conversations will bring back moments of bliss (accompanied by your favorite drink).

3. Binge-watch a newly discovered Netflix series.

There is nothing better than starting a new Netflix series and absolutely diving headfirst into season one.

Now normally, the pilot episode can be a bit weak. But, you’re sure to be hooked by the end of the second episode.

Whether you head to Litchfield with the ladies of "Orange Is The New Black," or to the town of Dillon, Texas in "Friday Night Lights," there is something for everyone to get completely submerged in.

So, go ahead and binge-watch anything and everything that has to do Eric and Tami Taylor, and just wait and see how easily it will lighten your mood.

(Warning: Watching "Friday Night Lights" is a slippery slope due to its sheer perfection and addictive qualities.)

4. Call your family.

Nothing is better than hearing from your mom.

If your day is so rough you just feel like you've hit absolute rock bottom, you definitely need to hear some words from your life-giver ASAP.

She’ll not only fulfill her nurturing role by telling you your day will turn around, but she will also boost your confidence by telling you how great (and probably how beautiful and intelligent) you truly are.

Hey, that’s what moms are for.

5. Spend some time in the great outdoors.

I know checking your Twitter feed 10 times in the last 30 minutes was just so rivetingly important, but getting some fresh air can really help heal a busy mind.

A simple walk through the park is an easy cure to a bad day. So do yourself a favor, and put your cell phone down for at least 20 minutes.

Take the time to clear your thoughts with Mother Nature.

6. Make a s’more over the stove.

Everyone loves summer. Everyone misses summer.

What better way to brighten a day than by recreating a summer memory?

I know your kitchen stove doesn’t exactly add up to a late summer night bonfire with country music and friends. But it’s close enough, right?

Just one homemade s’more will satisfy your sweet tooth while simultaneously sweetening up your day.

7. Pay a visit to the mall and treat yo self.

There's nothing like finding the perfect pair of fall booties to put a smile on your face and complete your fall wardrobe.

There are those who frown upon retail therapy, while others feel it's completely necessary.

Buying new clothes or accessories gives us something to look forward to, either to wear within the following week or to save for a special occasion.

Even playing dress up in the fitting room with clothing you know you could never afford has a sense of thrill, so get out there and treat yourself to something nice.

You deserve it.

8. Post a killer selfie on Instagram.

What better way to boost your mood than getting 10 “dayuum mami” comments on Instagram?

Well yeah, there are probably more productive ways to put yourself in a better mood that have nothing to do with social media, but posting a confident selfie now and then never hurt anyone.

If you're feeling a lot of self-doubt, try dolling yourself up for the sole purpose of feeling beautiful and strong.

Once you've achieved peak-level fierceness, go ahead with your bad self and post that selfie.

9. Make someone laugh.

Nothing feels better than making someone else laugh.

Whether that means saying something completely ridiculous or dancing in a goofy way, we all love to laugh.

But making other people laugh will always make you feel a little bit better about yourself.

Send your friends a hilarious Vine, tag them in a relatable Instragram post or simply call them and reminisce about all the times you were complete dumbasses together.

Brighten your day by brightening someone else's.

10. Make yourself laugh.

Now, if no one is there to shoot you a text to make you “lol,” simply take matters into your own hands.

Try pulling up old clips of "The Ellen Show" on YouTube and rewatch her sending her assistant and executive producer through a haunted maze.

Laughing is one of the best ways to turn your day around.

Go ahead now. Search the archives, and enjoy.

Finding a fix for your darn right crappy days is no easy task. Sometimes, we like to wallow in the misery of our bad days.

But, it's how we pull ourselves out of them that really matters.

So if you're having a bad day, it's okay.

You'll always find a way to turn it back around.