62 Thoughts That Run Through Your Head When Your Friends Ask You To Day Party

By Gigi Engle

Sunday and day partying are practically synonymous. They go together like apples and peanut butter. Cocktails and the weekend.

It just works.

Sunday day parties have an entirely different vibe than your standard office happy hours or Summer Friday fun. It's the last day of our blessed weekend! Our final hurrah to make the fun come ALIVE.

We day party on Sundays because we need to let off steam and DANCE before a long workweek. It may be the END of the weekend, but that doesn't mean it has to be mild.

It's up to us to keep the Sunday Funday intact so we don't lose sight of the things that really matter in life. Just think of the old saying, “No one remembers the nights you stayed in and got enough sleep.”

I'd like to add an amendment to this universal truth: You'll never remember the Sundays that weren't Fundays.

Here are 62 thoughts that run through your head when your friends ask you to day party.

1. I have so many errands to run today.

2. I'm supposed to go to yoga.

3. I have groceries to buy.

4. I have like 30 emails from my boss.

5. You know, adult things.

6. Who knew growing up meant the end of fun.

7. Does it have to be this way?

8. Maybe.

9. Then again, I haven't hung out with the squad in a while.

10. We all have so much going on.

11. Jen just got that new job.

12. And Melissa is always with her boyfriend.

13. She never wants to hang out.

14. I'm guilty too.

15. I've been working crazy hours.

16. I do want to try that trendy downtown restaurant.

17. But I'm completely broke until payday.

18. I told myself I was going to make all my meals this week.

19. I want to save for the bachelorette party in Florida I'm going to this summer.

20. But how many bachelorette parties will I be invited to in the future if I keep blowing off my friends?

21. I'm too young to be boring!

22. And this place looks so good.

23. Outdoor seating!

24. My friends told me they have amazing cocktail specials.

25. And awesome food.

26. I've earned this.

27. Sunday doesn't have to be the worst.

28. It can be the greatest.

29. Sunday is the best day of the week.

30. Sunday Funday!

31. Yep, I definitely should go and bond with the girls.

32. Day partying is so much better than night partying.

33. What a great way to end the weekend.

34. Now I have something to be excited about before the long and grueling week ahead.

35. Maybe we'll have some unexpected adventures!

36. Unexpected adventures are the best kind of adventure.

37. You might not realize it, but the best memories are made when you're day partying with friends.

38. I wouldn't want to look back on this day and wonder why I wasted it.

39. Oh, and I heard there was going to be some live music at that rooftop bar I love!

40. Let me double-check that Facebook invite.

41. Yes! There is live music.

42. I can't believe I was going to skip out on this to be an ~adult~.

43. LAME.

44. Can you imagine the FOMO?

45. No thanks!

46. What am I going to wear?

47. I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.

48. The weather is incredible today.

49. Cutoffs and a giant sunhat.

50. And my new sunglasses!

51. I love sitting outside and having cocktails.

52. This is going to be the best day ever.

53. I can wear my new lipstick.

54. I've been waiting for an excuse.

55. Hopefully my ex shows up so he can see how great I look.

56. Subway or Uber?

57. Why not live a little and take a cab?

58. It's the little things that make all the difference.

59. I'm really looking forward to a cocktail and some gossip.

60. That's what Sundays are all about.

61. Oh, and dancing.

62. Time to day party!