48 Things I Want To Thank My Single Dad For This Father's Day

by Ashley Fern

Father's Day is one of the greatest holidays because it's the one day we stop focusing on ourselves and focus on the man who essentially gave us life.

It's the time to recognize how much this man compromised his wellbeing to benefit us. It's the time to give thanks for all of the hard work and support this person put into our lives, and it's the time to celebrate an amazing role model.

There is a special role a single father plays when it comes to raising daughters. At first, it may be awkward to cancel plans because of period cramps, but after that initial awkward conversation, the next thing you know, you're talking about all things dating.

A single father must take on the role of two parents, providing a different type of support for different situations. Not every father can handle this, but when one can, it can be even better than having two parents.

I mean, it's pretty damn cool when you bring your dad to your all-girl sorority celebrations.

Many people thank their fathers through gifts and cards; I'm fortunate enough that I get to blast my thank-you Father's Day card across the Internet. Hopefully you all can relate and pass this on to your fathers as well...

1. For believing Scorekeepers was a tutor and not a bar.

2. For letting me quit my job in corporate America to pursue my passion.

3. For not judging me for still needing a guarantor for my apartment.

4. For believing me when I said I needed to go on birth control for "medical" reasons.

5. For giving me a reason to still buy a Mother's Day card.

6. For giving me the best guy advice a person could get.

7. For hanging out on my sorority floor and never once getting uncomfortable.

8. For giving me a team to root for during football and hockey season.

9. For letting me exploit him on social media.

10. For paying my lab test bills and never once questioning WTF they are for.

11. For buying me tampons with (little to) no complaints.

12. For attempting to blow-dry my hair for me when I was having a temper tantrum.

13. For fostering my disturbing love of sushi.

14. For still paying the $7.99 for my Netflix bill.

15. For prepping his golf clubs when my new boyfriends come over.

16. For forcing me to never settle.

17. For never sugarcoating things when I needed to hear the truth.

18. For being the most important man I'll ever love.

19. For turning me into a vegetarian.

20. For allowing me to go to basketball camp after getting kicked out of two sleep-away girl camps.

21. For teaching me to do a proper pushup.

22. For showing me the way I deserve to be treated.

23. For actually realizing I am a girl.

24. For teaching me a man should never wear shorts that fall six inches above his thighs during morning jogs.

25. ...Or socks that are three inches above his ankles. Or sandals with socks.

26. For being the best shoulder to cry on.

27. For pretending he knows which friend I'm referring to in every conversation.

28. For not making me pay the $500 phone bill when I didn't know what roaming charges were.

29. For always being my "I need to kill 25 minutes on this walk" phone call.

30. For always being my emergency contact on everything.

31. For always finding a way, especially when it wasn't easy.

32. For always being my number-one supporter.

33. For understanding I make mistakes.

34. For teaching me how to learn from those mistakes.

35. For teaching me how to passively talk about sports.

36. For showing me how I deserve the best.

37. For not treating me differently because I'm a girl.

38. For thinking I'm the most intelligent, attractive and hilarious person in the world.

39. For giving me my confidence.

40. For always agreeing I'm under paid.

41. For filing all of my taxes.

42. For paying my way to get home even though I would come anyway.

43. For worrying about me all of the time.

44. For putting my best interests before your own when I didn't know how to do it myself.

45. For always being my plus one.

46. For the horrible corny jokes I will never admit actually make me laugh.

47. For always taking my side no matter what.

48. For being both of my parents.

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