A scene from the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

5 Things You Need To Let Go Of For A Stress-Free Holiday

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Oh, the holiday season.

It's the merry and bright time of the year when your calorie intake is almost as high as they amount of money you spend on gifts.

Besides all the tangible proponents of the holidays, there's also the sense of family and faith and just the overall jolliness and happiness that comes with the thoughts of Santa and menorahs.

As December 1 comes around again, and you're all bundled up in your jacket and scarf and you sit to think about all the things that will come to an end in the next 30 days, there's an overwhelming sense of relief and complete panic.

Relief because, well, 2016 has been a year we really would all like to forget, and panic because you just remembered your life looks nothing like what you planned 365 days ago.

And nothing brings you out of that holly jolly spirit quite like the feeling of self-doubt and the bitter taste of failure.

Now, the happiest time of year has turned into a time that you want to wish away.

Spending nights with your family, eating loads of carbs and roasting chestnuts by an open fire turns into a nightmare rather than getting in the holiday spirit.

But if you're like me and want to enjoy Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa and the New Year more than ever, here are some things you need to just get over for the best holiday season:

1. Your finances

So your bank account has a few less commas than you were hoping for. Or maybe, it's more like no commas.

Maybe you're not in the greatest financial place right now, but it won't be like that forever. We worry about money every day, and it's an unfortunate fact that money does run our lives at least 90 percent of the time.

Don't let money run the holidays, too.

2. Your weight

Step off of the scale and eat a cookie shaped like Santa's head.

First of all, winter means you can layer up, so the little extra, non-existent roll you're obsessing over can easily be hidden, and second, it's a holiday, people!

You have the rest of the year to kill yourself at the gym and eat lettuce. Indulge and enjoy! You deserve it.

3. Your relationship status

Whether your single, in a relationship, married, divorced  or whatever, your relationship status doesn't determine whether or not your holiday is going to be good or not.

Enjoy who you have, whether that is a significant other or yourself. Don't let being “alone” or a fight with your significant other stop you from rocking around the Christmas tree.

4. Your family drama

Unfortunately, you can't choose your family, and there's always those few family members who love to act up, especially around the dinner table.

Family feuds are nothing new, but unfortunately, they are the hardest to let go.

But if you want to really enjoy the magic of December, then tell Aunt Cheryl to STFU about her drama and get over it. You can argue about something meaningless another day.

5. Your New Year's resolutions

You made a list and you checked it twice, and you've just been naughty this year.

So, the resolutions you made for yourself a year ago didn't quite get fulfilled, but who cares? Thankfully, 2016 is over, so stop beating yourself up over the things you didn't do.

Just remember all the things you did.

Maybe December seems to be just another month on the calendar, and the holidays are just another day to get a paid day off.

But, we need to keep the spirit of the holiday season alive. Think about Whoville and how tragic that almost turned out.

So, let's all just stop being little Grinches, let go of the negativity and embrace the spirit of the holidays.