30 Things You Need To Do In Your Late 20s If Your Early 20s Were A Hot Mess

by Laura Wigodner

Whether you're stuck in a rut or just living a normal life, everyone always has room for improvement.

When you're in your early 20s, life can get crazy. From figuring out your career path to dealing with relationships, stress is always in the air.

But, stress cannot just vanish on its own.

You have to take the necessary steps in order to make positive changes in your life. Change isn't easy, but it gets easer over time.

Here are 30 things you can begin to do to change your life for the better for the rest of your 20s:

1. Leave the past behind you.

If you're constantly living in the past, how are you ever going to reach the future?

It's OK to reference the past once in awhile, but never ever let it hold you back. Keep looking forward.

2. Turn all negative thoughts into positive ones.

“I can't do this” is never an option. Once you start thinking positively, you will soon start to feel like a more positive person.

In turn, you will find yourself accomplishing more than you could have ever imagined.

3. Think outside the box.

Stop being stuck in your old ways of thinking.

Think about things from a different perspective, and your life will become a lot more interesting.

4. Do something that scares you.

If you never face your fears, how will you ever grow? Start off with something small, like maybe talking to that guy or girl that you like.

Eventually, you can face a bigger fear, like going bungee jumping or something totally insane and out there.

5. Don't put up with people who don't treat you well.

If you're in a relationship with someone who isn't treating you with the respect you deserve, either leave him or her or talk to him or her about it.

If he or she isn't going to change, you need to get yourself out of this situation because you're better than that.

6. Treat others with kindness.

We all know the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

We all need to live by this saying because the world would be such a better place.

Be nice to everyone, even to those people who might not be your best friends.

It's better to greet an enemy with a friendly, “Hello,” than to throw a bunch of hateful comments at them.

7. Do good deeds.

Volunteer your time to someone in need. Whether it be a charity or a family member, it's important to help those who are less fortunate or who are struggling with something.

Not only will you feel good doing it, but you'll make the other person feel amazing as well.

8. Believe in yourself.

Stop telling yourself you'll never amount to anything. Stop telling yourself you're not good enough.

You are the first person who needs to believe in you, so you better get on it. You will have a bright future if you do so.

9. Stand up for what you believe in.

Stop letting others lead you in directions you don't want to go.

You don't have to agree with everyone just to be on their good side. Don't be afraid to go on your own path with your own thoughts.

You have your own mind, so use it the way you want to use it.

10. Actually work toward your goals.

Don't make a list of goals and cringe each time you look at them.

You can achieve any goal as long as you keep working hard. Don't try to take the easy route.

Work harder than you ever have in your entire life, and you'll be surprised by how far you will go.

11. Dream big.

The difference between incredibly big dreams and realistic dreams is that if you go with the latter, you'll be playing it safe.

No dream is outside of your reach as long as you believe in it.

12. Be grateful for the people who have stayed in your life.

When all is lost in life, take time to think about everyone who has stuck by you through everything.

Those people are your true friends and family, and they care about you a whole lot.

Be grateful for them because you're incredibly lucky to have them.

13. Never doubt your abilities.

Stop comparing yourself to others, and realize you are actually amazing at what you do.

You're the only you that exists in this world, so with that in mind, do what you do best. You are talented in your own way.

14. Stop procrastinating.

Whether it be work for school, your job or your fitness routine, you need to stop saying, “Oh, I'll do it later.”

Do it now. If you wait until later, you're just wasting more time.

You'll feel a lot more proud of yourself if you start everything right now, instead of holding off.

15. Fix broken friendships.

Are you and your best friend falling apart? Instead of letting it happen, try to communicate with each other about what has gone wrong.

If you are meant to be in each other's lives forever, you will find a way to work things out.

Don't let yourself lose the people who are most important to you.

16. Fall in love with the world.

With all the terrible things that are occurring in this world, some may find it nearly impossible to have positive thoughts about life.

But if you find at least one thing you love about this world or even just your country, it will make living life that much better.

17. Let things happen on their own.

Stop trying to control every little thing. You cannot always make things happen or prevent things from happening.

Sometimes they just have to happen on their own. Almost everything happens for a reason, which is why you need to just let things be.

18. Appreciate your family more.

Even if you're not very close with your family, you should be incredibly grateful that they are in your life.

You're connected to them in a way that is different from everyone else, and it's a special bond that no one can take away.

They will always be there for you no matter what.

19. Don't stress out too much.

If you spend all your time stressing out about every tiny thing, then you're missing out on life big time.

Relax. You are capable of anything and everything.

If you take some deep breaths and try to calm down, you will actually have better success. So, try not to freak out.

20. Acknowledge your strengths.

How often do you sit down and think about everything you're good at? Probably not very often.

This is important to do because it will ultimately give you a lot more motivation. Everyone is good at something, so it's important to take the time to realize your abilities.

21. Also acknowledge your weaknesses.

It's also important to think about things you need to work on. It's OK to have weaknesses; that's what makes us human.

But, it's always possible to work on turning those weaknesses into strengths. You can always become a better version of yourself.

22. Smile more.

Smile the moment you wake up in the morning because you have so much to smile about.

Even if you're going through a rough time, you can find a positive in the sea of negatives.

Smiling is important because this simple gesture makes you feel better mentally, emotionally and physically, and it's very contagious in public.

23. Go on adventures.

Stop sitting in your living room watching movies with your friends or going to the same mall every weekend.

Go on a road trip, go to a different town or even just go to a different mall. If you change things up, life will be a lot more exciting and fulfilling.

24. Sing in the shower.

This may seem like a goofy one, but trust me, it's crucial to sing in the shower.

It's been proven that singing in the shower releases stress! Plus, everyone is a superstar in the shower, so go ahead and give yourself your own personal concert.

You sound amazing!

25. Get more sleep.

Going to bed at a reasonable hour might not sound fun, but it's important in order to be healthy.

If you get a good amount of sleep every night, you'll feel a whole lot better, and you might not even need to chug all that coffee in the morning.

26. Eat healthier and exercise.

I know that most times, chocolate sounds a lot better than carrots, but you have to take care of yourself.

It's OK to indulge every once in awhile (Hey, you can't deprive yourself!), but remember that every healthy choice you make leads you to feeling better overall.

You also don't need to have a gym membership in order to exercise, so don't make that an excuse.

Exercise in your room, the park or wherever you feel comfortable, and again, you'll feel a whole lot better.

27. Stop being lazy.

Long story short, stop being a couch potato. While it's important to let yourself rest sometimes, try not to make it a habit.

Go out and do something instead of lying in bed and watching TV all day.

28. Don't give your time to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Stop wasting your time trying to make someone see the good in you.

If they don't already see it, then they're either blind or lying to themselves.

Only associate yourself with the people who want to be in your life because you are who you are. Authentic people are the best kind of people.

29. Meet new people.

Meet at least one new person every week (or every day if you're feeling ambitious).

This new person doesn't have to become your best friend or even a friend at all, but it's always a good idea to communicate with others, especially people whom you may have never thought about talking to.

By being a friendly person, you'll make yourself and others feel better about the world.

30. Do what you love to do.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Even if your talent is something that typically doesn't give you great money, still do it.

It's better to be poor and doing something you love than to be rich by doing something you hate.

You'll be a happier person if you do every single thing you want to do.