The Stoner Bucket List: 30 Things Every Pothead Needs To Do Before They Die

by Julian Sonny

There are two things embedded in every stoner's mind on an everyday basis -- fire weed and bomb food. Contrary to popular belief, we're pretty simple people who don't require much to be happy. Just a little nug and maybe a sub.

But once you begin to hit your stoner quota on a consistent basis, life can get a little dull. You can get a little paranoid and people might start hating. But don't let that get to you. Challenge yourself to be the greatest stoner you can be!

Set the bar high and do what they say you won't. Smoke where they say you can't. Eat what they say you shouldn't and take weed naps wherever you want to. There is more to life than just getting super baked and eating like a king. There are indeed levels to this sh*t.

This the official Stoner Bucket List featuring 30 solid milestones that every pothead should aim for during his or her lifetime. Complete all of these and surely you are a legend of the ganja:

30. Attend a legalization protest

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29. Become a master of agriculture by growing your own plant

28. Pop someone's weed cherry

27. Eat three edibles in one sitting

26. Have a 15 minute laugh attack

25. Fail a drug test

24. Roll a cross joint

23. Smoke with your parents

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22. Celebrate 10 consecutive 4/20s

21. Eat a cronut cheeseburger while stoned


20. Smoke in international waters

19. Cop a pound

18. Smoke an ounce blunt


17. Have sex while you're high

16. Fall asleep at work/school because you're too high

15. Smoke with a cop/in a cop car


14. Eat Oreos as cereal


13. Smoke rapper weed with a rapper

12. Live in Amsterdam for a year


11. Give a homeless person some weed

10. Give a weed brownie to someone who doesn't smoke without telling them

9. Get an animal baked


8. Take a hit of some dabber wax

7. Nail a job interview while you're high

6. Smoke on top of the Statue of Liberty

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5. Bring a weed pie to a family Thanksgiving dinner

4. Smoke Magar (100% marijuana cigar)

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3. Get a medical marijuana card

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2. Hit a Volcano vaporizer next to a volcano


1. Get head on a private jet... while smoking a fat ass blunt

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