The Sane Life Lessons We Can Learn From The Insanity Of Miley Cyrus

by Sam Maracic

Whether you’re a fan of the twerking queen or love the idea of shipping her to a remote island for the remainder of 2014, there is no denying that Miley Cyrus has gotten everyone talking.

From her barely-there outfits to her confusing on stage performances, Cyrus has epitomized the idea of pushing boundaries. Truth be told, you know the girl’s making moves when everyone from Barbara Walters to your 12-year-old cousin is talking about what she’s up to.

While there is no denying that post-Hannah Montana Miley has teetered on alleged lunacy from time to time (need we mention the VMA’s?), there are ironically some buried pearls of wisdom to be gained from her whirlwind transformation. (We’re not just talking about how to dance half-naked on married man Robin Thicke.)

Love it or hate it, there is something to be said for people who are willing to break away from the norm and have the balls to put themselves out there in a way most simply would not. So, here’s to you Ms. Cyrus, and the few sane lessons we can actually learn from the insanity that is Miley 2.0:

Unapologetically exploring who you are takes bravery

Going with the crowd is a far simpler task than finding the courage to deviate in another direction, and if there is one thing Cyrus can do, it’s push against societal boundaries.

Although twerking on national television isn’t exactly the kind of change most empowered women hope to produce, she’s invoking her right to do her own thing, and that’s something worth acknowledging.

Finding an outlet to work through the pain of a lost love

Okay, so swinging on a wrecking ball in the nude may be an extreme example, but when it comes to heartbreak, to each his own, right?

Taking something raw and turning it into a passion project doesn’t just require strength; it calls for a level of self awareness that most would not be willing to endure. We gotta give the girl some credit for using her newly single status to swing right to the top of the charts.

Evolution is a part of growing up

Refusing to accept change is like refusing to accept the inevitable. No one is the person they were in high school (for some of us, that’s a blessing) and none of us will be the same five years from now.

It’s simply the business of leaving behind your childhood years. Fighting the process isn’t going to make this development happen any slower, but instead, leaves us stagnant until we are finally willing to embrace the unavoidable.

Cyrus is navigating the process, but unlike most of us who had the luxury of “evolving” during those perfectly well-behaved college years, she’s doing it in front of a national audience. Really, would running around with the delusions of Disney days past do her any good now?

What other people think of you is far less important than what you think of yourself

"I don't Google myself," the pop princess once famously stated. Chasing perfection in the eyes of those around you will only result in wasted energy. As they say, “haters gonna hate,” so maybe Cyrus has the right idea by doing what she wants to do despite the negative push-back.

With billions of people in the world, no matter how talented, good looking, fun or well behaved you are, someone will always find a reason to judge. Blame it on jealousy, ignorance or simply not liking you, it's a losing battle.

Maybe Cyrus is not so insane, after all.

In fact, maybe it's time we all start living a little more like this songstress and reach for the dreams we have that aren't so safe. Those are the dreams that empower us to be different, and often are the ones that help us to find ourselves.

Photo credit: WENN