The Quintessential Stoner Moments Described By Our Favorite Stoner Friends

Whether it's getting high and giggling for ten minutes straight, or lighting up and becoming paranoid that we're seeing things, seasoned stoners have experienced it all.

And who better to laugh with about these classic pothead moments than the people who we enjoy smoking with the most: our blazing movie friends.

From not realizing that you're driving 20 miles under the speed limit to accidentally torching your eyebrows, here are the quintessential stoner moments as described by our beloved stoner friends.

Forgetting Our Food In The Microwave

Applying Makeup Haphazardly

Running Around Your Apartment Looking For Sunglasses That Are On Your Head

Being Told That You Smell Like Weed

Getting Overwhelmed When Food Shopping At The Supermarket

Intending To Go Out, But Then Getting High And Eating Ice Cream Instead

Unexpectedly Running Into Someone You Know

Hogging: (verb) A High Fog Characterized By Never Getting Off The Couch

Smoking With Your Dealer

Finding A Joint In Your Pocket

Coughing Uncontrollably

Watching An Entire Movie And Never Understanding The Plot

Cleaning Your Piece Instead Of Your Room

Getting Caught By A Parent Who Tells You Their Sh*t Is Better

Stopping To Get A Snack On The Way To Dinner

Realizing How Much Money You Spend On Bud

Failing To Remember What You Needed From The Other Room

Napping To Rest Up For The Evening And Waking Up The Next Day

Finding Out Your Favorite Celebrity Blazes

Reading An Incredible Stoner List

...It's Over Now