The Gen-Y Guide To Carefree Living

Try to remember who you were before the world told you who should be. Maybe you were a carefree, open-minded, resilient person who accepted everything and everyone as it and they came. You didn’t necessarily know right from wrong or good from bad, yet continued to grow and develop throughout the cycle.

The cycle of a human being is one of uncertainty, and it will remain that way because we never know what is next. Many people don’t take advantage of this and try to prevent the inevitable. Sure, you can plan strategically, but life tends to take its own course. If you employ an easy-going disposition and just take thing as they come, life may feel a bit easier.

Imagine a handful of seeds. Seeds are the preliminary phase of growth; they create the roots and foundation that ultimately give way to a mature plant. Sunlight, water and nutrients nourish seeds to grow.

This process is parallel to life and the experiences that shape human beings. With a conscious effort, one can truly understand (not predict) and analyze every occurrence that he or she encounters.

Although it may not seem to be vital, understanding experiences and how they impact your life is crucial. Using analogies to symbolize the different components in life helps to increase appreciation we have for our experiences.

Every day, we are granted the opportunity to capitalize on our desires, yet so many people fail to do things that appeal to their interests because they prioritize doing what society expects.

So, make the concerted effort to stop worrying about living up to the expectations of others and create your own life.

It’s important to worry about being healthy, learning from experiences and constantly adapting to what we learn along our individual journeys. Live a carefree life and have a good time while doing it.

Acknowledge the simple things like moments with significant others, and pleasant solidarity. Life tends to pass us more quickly than we expect; we all have responsibilities of our own, but they don’t have to be such a struggle. Do what you love and you’ll encounter happiness along the way.

There is no amount of wealth or power that will ever account for the value of life. Before you know it, you’ll be reminiscing about the times you wish you had done something differently, so rather than reminiscing on the past, choose to live in the present and keep it simple.

Live a healthy lifestyle.

Taking good care of yourself is the most important way to preserve control over your life. No one but you controls what goes into your body, so choose to eat healthy and exercise.

It will truly have a positive impact on your positive outlook on life, and it’s never too late to start. Forget about the excuses that justify your reasoning for eating poorly and change your ways today.

What makes you happy?

Don’t worry about what makes the people around you happy, and instead, reflect upon what truly satisfies you. Whatever it may be, start doing it, and do it a lot. Don’t like your job?

Quit. There are plenty of opportunities in the world around you if you choose to see them. No one but you can know how you feel except for you. And please, don’t compromise your happiness for the prospect of attaining wealth — it simply isn’t worth it.

Go out of your way to learn.

Learning doesn’t only happen in classrooms, as many may believe. Your experiences — both good and bad — are what have delivered the most influential lessons to your life.

You never know anything for sure unless you try, and since we experience things differently, don’t rely on someone else’s experiences. Someone else’s worst moment could be your best. Put forth an effort to try new things and allow yourself to grow as a person.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr