The Evolution Of The Twerk

by Julian Sonny

There's nothing quite more mesmerizing than a beautiful woman twerking her body off the wall. I'm talking hands on the floor, hair down and ass going crazy! Whether it be at an EDM concert or a hip hop show, we have seen that there are no boundaries to this art as ladies of all shapes and sizes go absolutely wild when that one fire song comes on.

And while many bystanders will just dismiss this as another fad or stupid thing girls do, most of you probably don't know the kind of rich history this dance has derived from. From the beginning of time we have seen different variations of the twerk whether you realize it or not. Music is the driving force behind it all and as the sounds progress, so have the movements.

What first started out as some wholesome dancing has turned into a viral epidemic... in the best way possible. Girls go all out while expressing themselves and we can, for the most part, thank super-producer Diplo for this amazing phenomenon. His tracks set it off and drive girls crazy, forcing them to uncontrollably shake their hind parts in an all out frenzy.

And while it is surely a sight to behold, it is important to remember how it all started. From its humble beginnings to the mainstream appeal today, we have truly seen it grow before our very own eyes. Know your past so you can better understand your future. This is the evolution of the twerk.


The Charleston (1920s)


The Chicken Dance (1950s)


The Tootsie Roll (1994)


The P*ssy Pop (1998)


The Back That Azz Up/Look Back At It (1999)


The Dutty Wine (2000)


The Salt Shaker (2003)


The Twerk (2010)


Surra De Bunda (2011)