The Different Types Of Teachers Everyone Has Throughout Their Academic Life

by Garima Chopra

Student’s lives are highly influenced by the teachers they have — we spend most of our childhoods at school rather than at home. Hence, our teachers play a big part in molding us into the people we are today.

We remember a handful of them fondly as mentors since they inspired us and exposed us to life-changing perceptions.

Yet sadly, many of them were completely useless and a few were even highly detrimental. We’ve come across a variety of teachers by now — here are descriptions of the most memorable types:

Mr. Ratburn (Arthur):

This type of teacher is strict and believes in firm discipline. All students are terrified of him, yet he doesn’t care how he is perceived as long as his students succeed.

You might think he is harsh and hate him while you’re in his class, but years later, you realize his true value.

Ms. Krabappel (The Simpsons):

This teacher is best described as nonchalant. She puts in zero effort to prepare lectures, answers her cell phone in class and loves going on tangents about her love life.

By the end of the year, you'll know more about the professor’s personal life than the course material. But, hey, at least it was an easy A.

Mrs. Donovan (Charlie Brown):

Do you remember the names of any teachers who had horribly thick accents, boring monotone voices or spoke so low that only the first row could hear? No? I don’t blame you. This type of teacher makes it impossible to pay attention.

There is no point in attending the lectures because you won’t comprehend anything said — including the teacher’s name. (I bet most of you didn't even know the teacher from Charlie Brown had a name.) You might, however, get in a good nap in this class.

Mr. Feeny (Boy Meets World):

This type of teacher is the perfect example of someone who genuinely cares about each and every one of his students. He is strict, but never gives up on his pupils.

He is aware of all your troubles, in the classroom and at home. You might call him nosy, but you know he has your best interest at heart.

He believes that there is a lesson to be learned when it comes to absolutely everything! With him, you learn a lot more than you bargained for.

Ms. Frizzle (The Magic School Bus):

This type of teacher is totally out-of-the-box. She wears pom-poms on her shoes and matches her accessories to the course material. Wacky doesn’t even begin to describe her.

Even though she’s a complete lunatic and you always wonder how she got her teaching degree, you absolutely love her! This professor doesn’t care about following the course outline.

She knows that each student has his or her own learning style, so she tries to incorporate all. Her creative methods guarantee that the students will remember what he or she learned.

Mr. Hank Moody (Californication):

If you were a lucky student, you had a sexy teacher. This type of teacher is extremely attractive but also hazardous to your grades.

You attend all of his lectures and sit in front row, yet when you leave, all you seem to remember is his outfit. This professor is simply too cool (or hot) for school!

Professor Umbridge (Harry Potter):

This teacher is the worst! She always has an angry, red face and her classes are complete torture. She will follow the textbook, word for word, and not respond to students’ questions.

When it comes to exam time, you will hardly understand what the question asks. Even though she has a failing class grade, she will not change her methods. Students will do anything to avoid having this teacher.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr