5 Life Long Struggles of Having a Baby Face


I look like I’m 12 years old. I’ve looked like this since I was 12 and I don’t seem to age. Time and time again, I’ve been told, “When you’re older, you’ll be happy you look so young!” Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard the phrase.

If you’re spreading this rumor around, you should probably stop. See, this idea doesn’t help my predicament, unless your second piece of advice is to get plastic surgery.

Anyway, here are five struggles anyone who suffers from Baby Face Syndrome knows all-too-well:

1. Getting carded to see an R-rated movie

This has happened to me. To put it into perspective, you need to be 17 years old to see a rated-R movie.

Doesn’t it take you back to the high school days, when you snuck into the rated-R movies because it was cool? You probably had a strategic plan and everything. Once you're old enough to buy alcohol and cigarettes and gamble, however, being questioned about whether or not you can see an adult movie is a blow to the ego, to say the least.

2. Only getting into bars after traversing TSA-esque security

Last time I checked, it was just a bar. No biggie, right? Show your ID if asked and move on. Apparently, all pubs, bars and clubs believe people who have baby faces are good liars regarding their ages. So, they make us stand out in the cold while they bend our IDs, check every side twice and scan them to ascertain whether or not they're fake.

Look, I’m a terrible liar! And yet, my ID is apparently not a validation of my age. I’ve learned to bring my official ID, my college ID and a credit card to the bar with me because I’ve actually been asked for all three before.

3. Being hit on by guys who look your age, but are teenagers

This happens all the time; it's a constant struggle. There must be something in the water these days because teenagers seem to look a lot older than they are, which can lead to some unfortunate situations.

Maybe you go along with some dude's weird flirting game; it kind of reminds you of high school and then you realize, "Oh, sh*t! He actually just graduated from high school — his profile pic is from prom!"#struggles

4. Not being taken seriously, even when you're totally serious

I’m sure you’re an intelligent, dependable, hard-working person. So, why is it that when you do a good job, you get a pat on the head? Our baby faces don't make us that cute, do they?

I’m a strong, independent woman (for the most part). Heck, I’m a freaking grownup, right? That’s powerful, not cute.

5. Dealing with the perpetual guessing game of how old you are

This can get interesting because no one guesses my age correctly. People usually start guessing super young ages. Here’s what a typical conversation would be like: "You’re 19, right? (I think, 'Is this person serious, or genuinely giving me the benefit of the doubt?') 20, 21, 22? No? 18? 17? HOW OLD ARE YOU?!"

It kind of sucks, but maybe the pitiful misfortune of looking young when I'm old IS a blessing in misery-ridden disguise. After all, I intend to be "30" until I’m probably 60 because who doesn’t want to be "30, flirty and thriving" forever? Doesn't sound so bad, I suppose!