The 8 Reasons Why Stoners Are The Best Friends You Can Have

Whether you are entering college or just graduating, friendships are an important part in your life. Having the right friends will get you through some of the toughest moments of your new adult life. You will encounter a lot of different people out there and you must chose wisely.

As we grow older and friendships become harder to sustain, it's important to decide who is worth keeping close and who to distance yourself gradually from. You have a lot of friends from your college days, but think back to the ones who were always loyal.

There are no more loyal people than the stoners. Those friends who are always down to light up with you, and will always be there with you to ponder the deep questions of life are the ones who will last. So here are eight reasons why stoners make the best friends.

They Can't Stay Mad

They're Funny

 They're Easy To Please

They Know How To Count In Grams

They're Good With Their Hands

  They Give Great Advice

 They Know The Best Food To Eat

 They Can Solve Any Problem

Top Photo Credit: Tumblr