The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Attending The University Of Rhode Island

Despite the University of Rhode Island being located in the smallest state in the country, the school has most certainly made a name for itself. URI is amongst the top pharmacy schools in the country, but let’s be honest -- that's not what it’s known for.

It’s a school where college students live on the beach and are known for their insane parties, including the “URI Library Major Rager,” which shut down the school’s library for days.

Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe attending the University of Rhode Island:

1. You are used to seeing couples where the girl is a 10 and the guy is a 3 on a good day.

2. Tuesdays you wake up thinking about tidal waves.

3...Then, unfortunately, on Wednesday you wake up "down the line" in an unfamiliar bed.

4. You went to clubs in providence ONLY as a freshman.

5. Reggae night at Ocean Mist was your jump off senior year.

6. You talk about Pulco, Abroad and Cancun at any chance you can.

7. You've seen someone try and climb up to the balcony at Bonvue to avoid the line.

8. You were dirty rushed into at least 3 different sororities.

9. You were told "URI has a strict no hazing policy" ...Ha.

10. The first Saturday of Greek Week every year felt like the best day of your life.

11. When you've been asked for the 100th time if you've been to more than 2 football games.

12. Sneaking food out of the dining hall is like going through airport security.

13. You drink Burnetts every weekend and continue to regret it.

14. 'Daging' in a bouncy castle on a Saturday is standard...even if you're by yourself.

15. The URI health center told you that you were pregnant when you really had the flu.

16. Animal Veterinarian Science was your favorite class at URI.

17. You've yelled at someone on the quiet floor in the library.

18. You've argued over whether Butterfield or Hope was better.

19. Zombies vs. Humans on the quad is totally normal.

20. Skipping class to go to the beach when it's 65˚.

21. When Cumbies (Cumberland Farms) was redone, you rushed there to get a slushie.

22. When you're hungover and Island Deli is the only option.

23. An orange sticker means nothing to you -- you are still going to have a party next weekend.

24. The word "wicked" either makes you cringe or solidifies your status as a "Rhode Islander."

25. Getting your car towed on campus.