The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Attending The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, more commonly known as Wisco, is a public university filled with over 40,000 undergraduate students. Unlike many other universities at this level, freshmen are not required to live on campus. However, much like the structure of many other schools, this university operates on a semester-based schedule.

This school participates in 25 NCAA Division 1 sports and is also a part of the Big Ten Conference. Their biggest football rival within their conference is the University of Minnesota.

There’s nothing like being back at Camp Randall Stadium after a summer away from Madison. As you stumble to the student section (many times just for the 3rd quarter), you proudly enter an overwhelming sea of red. What’s better than being completely blacked out, screaming profanities such as “Eat sh*t" and “F*ck You” to other sections? Oh that’s right… jumping your ass off to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” blasting from the loud speakers.

Wisco is constantly ranked on a multitude of top party school lists and that is far from surprising. The Greek life and social scene on campus is ever present. The Mifflin Street Block Party and State Street Halloween Party are why this school is considered a top tier party institution. Thousands of attendees participate in these events annually.

These are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe attending the University Of Wisconsin-Madison:

1. Buying Badger season tickets is the most stressful thing ever

2. When you’re a Coastie and see a group of Sconnies

3. When you’re a Sconnie and see a group of Coasties

4. Mac and cheese pizza from Ian's makes everything better

5. When class is cancelled for a snow day

6. When you hear 'Jump Around'

7. Your face when the cops raid Johnny O's and you’re underage

8. Your face when the cops raid Johnny O's and you’re of age

9. When Memorial Library is more of a scene than KK

10. The first 40 degree day after a long winter

11. When you find out a class is past Bascom

12. Your reaction when the Dean tells you, 'Don’t go to Mifflin'

13. When you miss a Lazybones pickup

14. When you find out Campus Candy has peanut butter froyo

15. When you win flip night at Brats

16. When you finally turn 21 and go to KK

17. The morning after you have a fishbowl from Wando's

18. When you walk into Camp Randall Stadium for the first time

19. When you kill it with your Halloween costume

20. Your face when you see the line for Sunroom

21. When you are asked the real words to 'On Wisconsin' or the Alma Mater

22. When you have Friday class

23. But decide to go to FAC instead

24. When you realize what Angelic's/Logan's has become

25. When you discover the stacks