The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Attending The University Of Pittsburgh

by Ashley Fern

The University of Pittsburgh, more commonly referred to as Pitt, is a research institution located in (duh) Pittsburgh, PA. This university has been continually ranked as one of the best colleges in terms of the quality of life it provides for its students.

The main campus of Pitt is broken into four different sections: upper, lower, mid and the west end. The undergraduate class is relatively small, as it's home to a little over 18,000 students.

Besides the amazing school this city has to offer, it is also home to various professional sports teams, including the Steelers and the Penguins. Students at this university have an immense amount of teams to root for, including those in their own NCAA Division 1 athletic programs.

Let’s take a look at the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe attending UPitt:

1. Stepping into Hems for the first time legally

2. Finally getting your horns from Peter's

3. When you found out Pcaf was closed...again

4. Finding an open table at the cathedral during finals

5. When the man with the boils on his face makes the omelettes at Market

6. Watching someone swallow a goldfish at Sigma Chi for the first time

7. When someone asks me to go to a party past Boulevard of the Allies

8. Living on top of the hill

9. When you cut the Sorrento's line and think that nobody caught you

10. Bomb threat Thursdays

11. Squirrel Hill Tunnel = your worst nightmare

12. When you get a parking ticket for not moving your car during “street cleaning”

13. Okay, seriously, why are we still trying to make PDM work?

14. Country Night is your favorite night of the week and you don’t even listen to country

15. When you find a freshman to swipe you into Market

16. When you’re waiting in line for a computer and you see everyone’s on Facebook

17. When you want freshmen tail and know exactly where to go: Mi Ranch

18. When you hear “Sweet Caroline”

19. Tino Sunseri was the worst quarterback ever to grace Heinz Field, yet you can name at least 5 of your friends that he’s slept with

20. Living “just outside” of Philadelphia

21. The first floor of the library is not so much a study area as it is a social outing

22. Morning after 501

23. What football game? Let's just tailgate in the gravel lot

24. Girls in bikinis on Soldiers & Sailors lawn when it hits above 50 degrees

25. The smell as you walk by Dave and Andy’s