The 25 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Attending The University Of Kansas

by Anonymous

Our next stop on the college tour is the University of Kansas, home of the Jayhawks. KU stands strong with 29,000 students enrolled across its 5 different campuses. In addition to having a great academic program, Kansas is one of the best sports schools in our nation. Renowned for its D1 Basketball, Football, and Track&Field programs, the Jayhawks always put up a fight for the championship year after year.

You know what they say: with great sports comes even greater tailgates. If you love blacking out, barbecue, and a good game of ball, KU is the place for you. Here are the 25 GIFs that perfectly describe attending the University of Kansas.

1. People watching on Mass street will never get old and Dennis and his baby will be there forever

2. Dollar night at The Hawk

3. Crunchy cheddar chicken wraps… sometimes even if you don’t have class

4. Wangburgers at The Wheel

5. Waiting 2 hours hungover to have the best breakfast ever: Milton's

6. Having everything in walking distance, but driving instead because there's a hill there

7. Fearing the campanile for 4 years because you heard you won’t graduate if you pass through it before then

8. Being able to say you're Big 12 champs for 9 years straight

9. Knowing the difference between Club Schutz and Watson

10. Meeting Bill Self would be cooler than meeting the president

11. Oklahoma Joes: enough said

12. Constantly having a countdown until basketball season

13. Mass street during the Final Four

14. Mario's Miracle

15. Having the greatest home court advantage in all of college sports: “Pay Heed All Who Enter”

16. Rock Chalk

 17. Still hating Mizzou even though they aren't in our conference. MUCK FIZZOU!

18. Swimming in the Chi-O fountain

19. Knowing what it means to wave the wheat and do the clap

20. Hail to old KU!

21. Kansas basketball is a religion; Allen Fieldhouse is our sanctuary

22. Wescoe beach isn’t actually a beach

23. Free keg Fridays at The Bull...actually any sunny day at the bull!

24. Calling safe ride and still managing to walk home.

25. Despising the color purple and anything to do with a wildcat.


Gillian Schulman | Elite.