The 20 Reasons Why The End Of The Year Will Be The Best Part Yet


Summer has officially come to its conclusion and now, unfortunately, it's time we return from our trips abroad and prepare for the end of the year. It's already the fourth quarter and for many of us, this can make or break our year. Although it was a great summer, full of events and surprises, it has finally come to its close.

The end of the year is upon us and it is best we start preparing for fall. Don't be too hard on yourself, it was a good year and you made the most of it. Although many of us aren't happy that the summer is over, it's time we start appreciating what is left of this year.

There is still plenty of time in the calendar year for you to rebuild those bridges that you might have burned this summer or just to get ready for the upcoming year.

Don't get too down on yourself, we know nothing will be as much fun as as gallivanting across Europe or visiting your Hamptons home on the weekends, but it's time to get back to work.

The fall isn't as bad as you think, it's a time for change. So before you work yourself up about the end of summer, here are some things you should be looking forward to for the end of the year:

Football is on every Sunday

 Larry French/Getty Images

There's nothing like knocking back a few cold ones with friends as you sit in front of the TV screaming at the top of your lungs as your team scores a touchdown. Who isn't ready for Monday Night Football and weekly smack talk from people in your fantasy football league?

Baseball Ends

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Summer has been pretty brutal for the sports world, as once basketball was over, there was nothing left to watch but baseball. For those of us who hate watching baseball, the summer sports world is almost obsolete. Well, aren't we glad baseball is about to end and the real sports are about to begin?

Cuddle Season

Couple Cuddling

For all you cuffers out there, you are extremely excited for the end of the year. The weather gets cooler, and you actually look forward to the rain. This time is perfect as you are excited about spending the day cuddling and watching movies with your significant other. Nights get cold and lonely in the fall, but now you know it's time to cuddle.


Yup, it's that time where all women look forward to dressing slutty and getting drunk. Nothing like those insane Halloween parties where girls shed it all and compete for the sluttiest outfit, while we men just chill and enjoy the sight.

College football is on every Saturday

It's also time to watch your college whoop ass all season. Nothing like those tailgates on Saturday morning to start off your weekend. It's impossible for many of us to wake up for our 9 p.m. class, but somehow we find a way to be on time and ready for our 9 p.m. Saturday tailgates.


Thanksgiving Dinner

We can't wait for the day that we all put our diets aside and just chow down. Thanksgiving has to be one of the most epic days to look forward to -- all that turkey, gravy and sweet potatoes can do nothing but bring you to a happy place. If you don't get a food coma after your Thanksgiving meal, then you just aren't doing it right.

Basketball Starts

Now that baseball is over, it's time for us to get to dishing and swishing (as Walt Clyde Frazier would put it). The basketball season is among us, many teams are competing for the title that is currently held by LeBron and the Miami Heat. It's going to be interesting to see if there is a team that will dethrone them this season. Many contending teams only got stronger, and Derrick Rose will be making his comeback.



It's time to get your holiday shopping on, what could be better than opening gifts on Christmas morning with your family? It may have been a rough year, but we all work towards this one day when we get to spend quality time with our families, with not a care in the world.

Perfect Season To Start Working Out


Beach season is officially over and it's time you try and keep that body in shape. There is no better time to motivate yourself to start eating healthy and getting in the gym than now. It's not that muggy outside and taking a couple hours to go to the gym can help improve your work ethic in the office, as well as at home. Don't be a couch potato and let yourself go this winter, it's not a good look and it will make it much harder when you want to get in shape for next summer.

All your friends come back from school for the holidays

A lot of your friends have already gone their separate ways, back to their schools to get into the flow of things. After being separated for a while, the holidays will bring you guys back together for nights full of drinking and sharing stories of your experiences while in school. Take this time and enjoy it, as it will not last forever -- before you know it, it will time for everyone to go their separate ways again.

Summer is over and you can actually breathe

Summer NYC

The hot, muggy, humid season is finally over and you can go back to breathing normally. You no longer have to deal with sweating once you get out of the shower and subways become a bit more bearable as they no longer make you feel like you stepped in a sauna. Enjoy the weather before it gets too cold.

GTA 5 Comes Out

One of the most anticipated games is about to hit the shelves and we are all drooling in anticipation. GTA 5 is set to hit your local video game stores September 17. Just in case you haven't heard or seen any of the gameplay, just know that it's going to be sick. Here is a breakdown of the new features GTA 5 will offer players.

'The Wolf Of Wall Street' Comes Out

If you aren't hyped for 'The Wolf of Wall St,' then there is something seriously wrong with you. This movie is going to be great and Leonardo DiCaprio is going to swag so hard. He already came off one blockbuster and is ready to make this one another hit. Is there anything more that we can ask for to end our year than some sex, drugs and money?

Pumpkin pie and other seasonal foods

It's officially the season for pumpkins and apples. There's nothing like waking up in the morning to the scent of a fresh baked pumpkin pie or having your delicious lunches followed up by a sweet apple pie, coupled with some ice cream. Not only that but Starbucks has their seasonal pumpkin flavors that get all the JAPs in a frenzy, waiting on line to get a taste.

Our favorite TV shows are back

After what seemed like forever, it's about that time our favorite shows get back on air. Many of us can look forward to those nights where we just sit on our couch after a long days work and watch our favorite shows for hours.

Women can now return to their normal eating habits because bathing suit season is over

Tired of hearing girls complain about the restaurants you take them because their vegetarian menu is non existent? Well, thank God bathing suit season is finally over and girls can return to their normal eating habits. There can be nothing worse than spending a hot summer day looking for a salad because your girl doesn't want to eat a simple burger or hot dog.

Forgetting our failures this past year

It may have been a rough year, so it's important that we take this time to forget about the past. We cannot move forward if we let the prior year hold us back. Therefore, it is crucial that we take this time to get rid of all the things bothering us so we can go into the new year with a clear mind.

Build momentum for the upcoming year

It is very important that we close out the year on a strong note. If you were having a great year, then push forward and keep the momentum going, if you were having a sh*tty year. then work on building momentum to propel you into the upcoming year. Do not take this as leisure time, while others may be sitting back and enjoying the ride, you should be figuring out ways to get ahead of the competition.

The fall fashion season is among us and girls go all out

Girls go all out in the fall, it is their time to shine. All the trendy fashionistas look forwarding to showing off all the latest pieces that they have added to their expansive collections.

It's time to find fresh prospects for next summer's trips

You can never start too soon, now that summer is officially over, it's time you start building your prospects for next summer. It's good to get your mind ready for the hunt this winter and remember that all the good prospects get taken up early, so if you want to have a solid list, you are going to have to put in some work early on.