The 15 Advantages New Yorkers Have Over Californians

by Julian Sonny

It's no secret that the most driven, dedicated and aggressive people in the world reside right in our own backyard -- New York City. The big apple just breeds different kind of people who always get what they want and do whatever it takes to get it.

Especially compared to their West Coast counterparts in California (mainly in Los Angeles), New Yorkers often outwork and outperform their competition. Some of it has to do with the fact that they live in one of the chillest environments in the country with some of the best weed, women and weather you can find. But most of it has to do with the fact that they don't know any better.

The life experiences you'll go through here in a year take a lifetime in Cali. They don't call NYC the greatest city in the world for nothin'. It's the people who make it the wild and exciting place it is. These are the 15 advantages New Yorkers have over Californians:

New Yorkers aren't afraid to be assh*les and make you look stupid

They have more street smarts and can deal with adverse situations

They never have patience for stupidity

They have more ambition and drive to become successful

They're three years ahead of all the trends (except for weed)

They went through all of their high school experiences in middle school

They can tell when they're getting ripped off

They can always tell who's real and who's fake

They're more aggressive and will get what they want at all costs

Three months in New York is like one year anywhere else

Californians have Las Vegas, New Yorkers have Ibiza

New Yorkers never put a limit on what they can do

New Yorkers are surrounded by the people that motivate them, Californians are surrounded by the people they grew up with

New Yorkers have way more overall swag

New Yorkers work for greatness, Californians work for comfort