The 11 Best Ways To Smoke Your Weed


If there is one thing a stoner understands, it's that there is always a way to get high. There is always another option and never an excuse to quit. Everything around you has the possibility to be toked, torched or sucked on.

But there are different situations and extenuating circumstances that lead to certain times you must resort to using Bible papers for a spliff or an apple for a bowl. The life of the ganja is about getting creative and seeing beyond the norm. This applies to all aspects of smoking.

You may not be proud of some of the things you've smoked from, or on, but you got the job done and that's all that counts in the end. We know that there are just those times when the only thing that will satisfy you is a good bong hit. So in celebration of stoner ingenuity, here are the 11 best ways stoners smoke the herb.

The Joint

For when you're feeling groovy.

The Apple

For when you're desperate.

The Black and Mild

For the gansta inside you.

The Bong

For when you need to forget.

The Bowl

For when you can't fall asleep.

The Vaporizer

For when you have nothing to do.

The Volcano

For when you finally got some dough.

The Pen

For when you're on the go.

 The Gatorade Bottle

For when you're in high school.

Gravity Bong

For when you wanna be baked like it's 1999.

Your Inhaler

For when you've lost all dignity.

Top Photo Courtesy of: The-Stoner-Blog