Remember Rush? The 10 Signs You Were Hazed In College

by Ashley Fern

Hazing is a grueling process, which sorority and fraternity members must endure for an extended period of time in order to join their respective organizations. While the levels of hazing may vary at each school and in each organization, one goal remains constant: to bond with your fellow pledge class members.

How do you know if you’ve been hazed or not? What effects did hazing have on your college career? Did you forget about what the older members made you do, or will you carry it with you forever? Some acts are more traitorous than others, and some are just downright enjoyable.

People’s views regarding hazing will vary, as there is a distinct line between fun activities and mentally scarring ones. In no way does this article condone the act of hazing, but simply brings out the humor behind the process itself. Take a look below at the ten signs that prove you were hazed in college:

You can be screamed at for more than 30 minutes without bursting into tears.

The best part of being an older member in a Greek organization is that you get to take out your daily frustrations on whichever pledge is pissing you off the most that day. Older members literally have a human punching bag in a pledge. As a pledge, you cannot speak up for yourself and you definitely cannot cry unless you want to be ridiculed for the rest of your pledging process. #Lineups.

You think the best way to make lifelong friends is to be mean to them during hazing.

The thing about hazing is that no matter how much it bothered you, you knew the second you got initiated, you were going to take out the frustrations of being hazed yourself on hazing the new pledges the following year. For some reason, it makes sense to you that the way to make lifelong friends is to be mean to them.

You’re still intimidated by the older members.

It doesn’t matter how many years it's been since you graduated; your stomach still tightens when you see an older member of your frat or sorority. You can’t help but flashback to that time when they berated you for an hour about being too f*cked up at formal or that time you got called out in chapter for being high out of your mind.

You can eat essentially anything in the world.

Food games are a common theme in college hazing. This is much more common for fraternity pledges, but some sororities are unfortunate enough to have to experience this, as well. If you’re lucky, hopefully you are only forced to eat bottles of mayo or hot sauce and not a mixture of whatever ingredients are lying around the kitchen at the time. This really will prepare you for the future, though, when you are in an awkward meal setting and forced to eat a dish you would prefer not to.

You would never think to hook up with an older member’s ex (soberly).

"That's just, like, the rules of feminism or something!" Hold up, Gretchen Wieners. I hear you on that, but when you’re blacked out of your head, that’s the last concern on your mind. The only thing you are concerned about at this point is getting home and getting yours. You don’t give a sh*t whose leftovers you’re bringing home, as long as you’re bringing them home with you.

You can stay awake for more than 24 hours and not be tired.

Hello to hell week! No sleeping, no showering and most definitely no socializing. This is the week when members limit your amount of sleep (if they even let you sleep at all) to torture you to no end. This is actually a valuable skill to learn so early on in college, so you can better prepare yourself for the all-night study sessions you will be sure to pull in the coming years.

You can go without showering for more than three days without anyone knowing.

During hell week, you basically have the choice to either sleep or shower. When you have limited time, you know exactly which option you are going to choose: sleep. I mean that’s why they invented deodorant and perfume/cologne, right? RIGHT? Right. For the female pledges out there, this is the time to invest in some dry shampoo; it really does go a long way.

You still salute your older members.

You know when you’re walking through the aisles at CVS, just minding your own business and suddenly you spot an older girl? What do you do? Do you even have a choice? You can attempt to run and avoid all contact, but chances are this will just draw more attention to you anyway. You suck it up, walk over and make boring, petty and polite conversation. It’s all about respect - in college and out of college.

You think you’re tougher than anyone else.

Anyone else who was hazed couldn’t have been treated worse than you -- at least that’s what you tell yourself. Everyone who has been through this sh*t always wants to think they had it the worst. They need to give some validation to the hell they were put through.

When it comes down to it, it’s the greatest thing you never want to do again.


As much as it was memorable and fun to bond with your fellow brothers or sisters, this is some sh*t you would never want to go through again. At times it can be demoralizing, and sometimes it can be great; regardless, it was a once in a lifetime experience and one you will remember forever.

Top Photo Courtesy: Across The Board