The 10 Best Halloween College Parties In The Country

by Ashley Fern

Everyone’s favorite college holiday is quickly approaching -- yup, HALLOWEEN. This is essentially everyone’s excuse to dress as ridiculously as possible while getting completely sh*tfaced.

Now is the time to embrace and to enjoy this holiday because it vastly changes when you enter the real world.

This is perhaps the only time of the year when it is “acceptable” and “encouraged” to run around half naked, doing keg stands and pounding endless shots. No two colleges celebrate Halloween the same, which is more than exemplified by the list below. Check out some of the country’s most epic Halloween parties.

10. University of Iowa

This school takes Halloween pretty damn seriously. If you’re not in a legit costume, don’t even think about trying to get into the bars. Party on, Iowa F*cking City!

9. USCB (Santa Barbara, California)

This Halloween tradition started as a water balloon fight and has grown into a campus wide party, attracting over 40,000 drunken students.

8. Tulane

Halloween in New Orleans is almost as crazy as Mardi Gras. This town loves any chance to dress up and to get drunk and the students at the University more than embrace this idea. Bourbon Street is filled with locals and college students alike joining in on the festivities.

7. Ohio University (Athens, Ohio)

Behind Times Square on New Year’s Eve, Ohio University’s bock party is the biggest in the country. That's 20,000 drunk students running amok on a field, ensuring a ridiculous time.

6. University of Nevada

A Reno party has a 5:1 guy/girl ratio and people always going into back rooms to blow lines When the alcohol runs out, people start stealing alcohol from other people, fight breaks out and the cops come -- well that sounds like any other college party, doesn’t it?

5. Penn State

PSU has a whole week dedicated to celebrating Halloween as it occurs during homecoming weekend. This school throws down for 7 days straight without taking a break or losing pace.

4. LSU

People in the south definitely know how to celebrate Halloween, especially when it falls on the same weekend as the football game against Alabama. “Suck our Tiger dick, bitch,” well that’s pretty damn aggressive LSU. I’ll hand it to them though, they certainly know how to party.

3. ASU

Halloween at ASU is like no other party, as it’s typically about 75 degrees at this time of the year. High temperatures = less clothing, no wonder people flee to Tempe, AZ to celebrate this notorious holiday. In 2012, a rowdy group of students basically danced their way through one of ASU’s parking structures.

2. Wisconsin

Halloween, aka Freakfest, is that time of the year when Madison closes down State Street. Attendance at this party has reached as many as 80,000 people. That’s a whole lot of drunken students, no wonder they have to close down the street.

1. West Virginia University (Morgantown, West Virginia)

Well, it should come as no surprise that WVU can throw down for Halloween as they are the number 1 party school in the nation as of this year. Halloween is just another excuse for the students to dress up and get completely obliterated out of their minds.

Top Photo: College Mansion