How You Can Use Tarot Cards To Channel Which Direction Your Career Goes In

by Katie Hannigan

The ancient art of tarot can help elucidate happenings in your life and give insight into the subconscious.

The following magical method to set career goals uses tarot from the outside in.

Instead of interpreting the meanings of the cards and how they apply to you, you're applying meanings to the tarot and actively using them to direct your path.

Working with tarot cards for career advancement requires clarity of intent.

Begin by pinpointing a specific emotion or mindset that will help you push ahead in your career. Make sure you keep it simple and positive. (I need to focus, get outside my comfort zone, etc.)

Develop a relationship with your tarot cards.

If you're new to tarot, spend some time getting to know your deck. Which ones do you like, and why?

If you are an experienced magical being, use your bond with your cards to customize a mindset to fit whichever fabulous career you are after.

Place whichever goal card you choose in an easy access location.

The bathroom mirror is ideal if you don't have an alter, but seriously, get an alter. You're a witch now.

Look at the card a few times per day, and spend a couple seconds trying to generate that mindset of success.

Below are a few cards I've used to set intentions in my own career, and they can definitely help anyone else who needs some motivation:

1. Access creativity: Ace of Cups

The Aces signify new beginnings, and the Cups are the suit of emotion.

Renewing your emotional connection and infusing it with passion will jumpstart your inspiration.

I choose this card when I'm feeling a little burnt out or when I'm embarking upon a new project.

2. Buckle down: Eight of Pentacles

Eights symbolize organization, progression, control and enterprise, while the suit of Pentacles embodies the financial.

I have used this card to keep me on track when juggling a lot of separate tasks in a particular week.

Bonus points if you can visualize yourself as this little apprentice and each of your projects, your day job, your moonlighting, your errands or your podcast as his coins.


3. Channel self-confidence: Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is the self-made woman.

Wands are the entrepreneurs and craftspeople of the minor arcana, and the queen has a regal bearing.

Also known as the Beyoncé of the tarot, the Queen of Wands is success personified. Focus on past success to stimulate the feelings of competency and confidence in future endeavors.

4. Embrace competition: The Chariot

A major arcana card, The Chariot expresses the will to succeed, focused energy, staying on course after making a resolution and ultimately, success.

The Chariot can also be interpreted to mean travel in your future, so if you're looking to go abroad for your career, this is the card you should choose.

5. Confront challenges: Knight of Swords

The swords suit emphasizes intellect.

The Knight of Swords courageously charges toward a challenge, ready to meet it head-on. Personally, as a petite and soft spoken women, I find this card to be especially helpful when I need a reminder to be assertive, particularly in negotiations.

Use this card to imbue yourself with bravery when asking for a raise.

6. Tune in to opportunities: Wheel of Fortune

Another major arcana card, The Wheel of Fortune signifies a fortunate set of circumstances coming your way.

Keep an eye out for little gifts from the universe by attuning your awareness.

This card is perfect to use right after receiving a rejection, keeping you in the present moment and opening you to new possibilities.

7. Cultivate a feeling of abundance: Nine of Pentacles

The number nine symbolizes attainment, the nearing of a completion of a cycle.

And, pentacles deal with the matters of the financial.

Even if you find yourself in a place of need, exuding a feeling of abundance can help attract wealth and promote affluence.

With these seven cards, you can set and accomplish any career goal you want.

Just focus on your intention, and let the tarot do its work