Three's Company: 29 Benefits And Struggles Of Having Two Best Friends

Your BFF is your #BAE, your #1 and your other boyfriend. She’s there for you through thick and thin, bad hair days, bad breakups, new jobs and layoffs. She is your rock, and you are her’s.

But what about if you have TWO best friends? A three-person best friendship is a unique breed of sisterhood all in itself. You are a wolf pack.

As a part of your unstoppable trio, you are highly aware having two BFFs will always be better than having just one.

You’re the ultimate power triangle. The three of you are an electrifying group. Double trouble? Psh, yeah right. Try triple trouble!

All friendships come with their fair share of struggles. We all know this to be completely true.

When there are THREE people in the mix, it’s a whole other ballgame. While the three of you love each other to no end, having two best friends can be a lot more complicated than dealing with just one.

From fights over two-seater buses, to deciding who will be your plus-one, when it comes to three, it can be a crowd... but it's always worth it.

1. You have two nets of support.

But somehow, one of you always ends up feeling left out.

2. If you hear they went somewhere without you...

You worry if the two of them like each other more than you. Not even a text guys, really?

3. One of them is always single and available to chill with you.

When you have a boyfriend, one of them is always single.

4. You have two people to gossip with.

But you always end up having to tell the story twice (and really quickly so your other best friend doesn't get mad).

5. There’s always someone available for dinner.

But when the three of you go out, it’s an awkward number for the table.

6. You get two people to call your BFF.

But you secretly always prefer one to the other. And it depends on who is being less annoying. LOL.

7. You automatically have someone to talk to about your BFF.

Which leaves you wondering what the two of them say about you.

8. You get to try lots of different cuisines.

But choosing the restaurant is that much harder. Indian? Chinese? Ugh.

9. When there are two of you, you can get into the club.

When there are three of you, it’s a crowd.

10. You always have a partner for the bus ride.

But then one of you always has to sit alone. The awkwardness of that discussion is so real.

11. "Crossroads" becomes reality when the three of you do road trips.

But one of you always has to sit in the back. We all know that means a mouthful of whipping hair. Britney never had to sit in the back. This is bullsh*t.

12. When you go out to eat, everything is cheaper because you share.

Yet... checks are more annoying to split. Ugh, this situation requires math.

13. You have a second opinion when you don’t like the first one.

But that makes deciding on a dress that much harder. No one seems to agree. Who even asked you, Becky?

14. An argument will always have two sides for you to choose from.

But one will be stronger and, therefore, preferable. Of course, picking sides is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

15. You get three closets instead of one.

All of your clothes go missing and could be in three different places. Your BFF's clothes are missing, and all of them are in your closet. Oops.

16. Any text is now a group text.

Which can be really, insanely annoying when you’re at work trying to get sh*t done, and you’re automatically a part of a conversation you have nothing to do with.

17. You always have someone to go out with.

And you always have someone to stay in with.

18. It’s so hard to make an acronym of your names.

Three letters rarely make a real word if more than one of you has a name that starts with a vowel.

19. You have a ton of inside jokes because there are three people to make them.

Now some inside jokes leave you out of the loop.

20. When you decide to stay in, the two of them always want to hit the bars.

The FOMO is so real. You know you always give in. The question is: Which one of you will get too drunk this time?

21. Theme parks are always an adventure with the three of you.

When it comes to rides, you’re sitting with a stranger on every roller coaster.

22. You have the best time out dancing because you’re the ultimate trifecta.

But it’s ineffective to have two wingwomen when you spot a hottie.

23. You're always secretly worried about the 3-way call.

...Just like in "Mean Girls."

24. There will always be a majority vote on every activity.

You’re all too often the one voted down in this democracy.

25. A plus one will always be there to go with you to every fabulous party.

Deciding on your plus one is so hard. Someone’s feelings always end up hurt. It’s best you form a system.

26. Cabs are a whole lot cheaper split three ways.

Yet one person has to sit bitch in the cab.

27. One of you is the Michelle of the group.

Not everyone can be the Beyoncé or Kelly.

28. Two is always better than one.

Even people who are bad at math can figure that out.

29. Two people is a friendship, three is a family.

And you guys definitely send out Christmas cards.