Stop Talking Sh*t

All right people, do you really have nothing else to do all day besides peruse the Internet and comment with your ridiculous opinions? People need to grow some f*cking balls and man up for the sh*t they say. People are ruthless when they can blindly talk sh*t behind a computer screen. As social media sites continue to explode as rapidly as they have been lately, this problem will only get worse.


Do you really think anyone cares about your opinion besides yourself? Do you realllly feel the need to continuously attack people on the Internet? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Guess what, calling a chick fat in her Facebook default does not make you any skinnier. I know -- hard to believe.

Why do 95% of conversations between people revolve around hating on a mutual acquaintance? What does Katt Williams have to say about this? “Just saying ladies, stop worry about sh*t that don’t matter.” My man. You are only making yourself look stupid by continually passing judgments upon others. Stop running your mouth and talk about something intelligent, like I don’t know, maybe current events?

“People are always going to talk, you might as well give them something good to talk about.”

You need to get a reality check. If you spent half the time worrying about your own problems instead of someone else’s, maybe, just maybe, you will turn out to be a decent, nice person. Weird concept, I know. People need to stop giving negative feedback and over-criticizing others. Instead focus on helping an individual improve oneself.

The worst kind of person is the one who will keep talking sh*t behind someone’s back, but never say anything to their face. Seriously, if you are going to engage in this type of irrational behavior, at least have the f*cking balls to back your statements up. Do you really want to deal with the type of drama this situation will entail? If you keep running your mouth, the person you are sh*t talking will find out and more than likely confront you. Let’s see how ballsy you are when that happens.

“Those who talk about others, have lots to hide about themselves.”

In all honesty, who the hell do you think you even are to be passing judgments on others? If they don’t have a problem with their actions, why do you? Get a life of your own and stop living vicariously through others. Like what the f*ck makes you think it is okay to say these things about another human being? Do you have no morals or sensibility? If that was you, you’d be pretty f*cking pissed if people were saying that about you. Why don’t you think about how what you’re saying might hurt another person?

It’s amazing what people will say about you if you don’t give them anything to talk about. I wish I did half the sh*t people think I have done; my life would definitely be a lot more exciting if lived that way. G Damn people don’t know when to grow up. Sh*t talking doesn’t do anything but make you look like the whiny little b*tch you truly are.

“People who talk shit are reincarnated as toilet paper.”

The funny thing is how weak these people actually are. They are able to dish out all of the rantings and ravings on other people they don’t find up to par, for whatever reason, yet can’t take the teeniest, tiniest criticism of themselves. Don’t get all sensitive when you start getting what you’ve been giving.

I’m sorry but if you’re going to be “brave” and start talking sh*t, then you need to be prepared to hear some of it yourself. If you have room to find issues with other people, it probably wouldn’t take much for those same people to turn their attention to you and find all kinds of issues and problems. So remember to think before you open your mouth and start running it.