27 Little Freedoms We Take For Granted Every Day

It’s pretty easy to find things to complain about in life.

You whine about your terrible job. You get miffed when they run out of kale at the salad place.

You trip when your phone only has 16 percent battery. You stamp your feet when the movie is sold out.

Yes, all these annoyances sure do make life hard, don’t they?

Think about the things you complain about and then take a minute to catalog all the times in a day you get irritated by something or someone.

When you think about it, none of these things will mark the end of the world. Are you going to die if you don’t have a salad today? Is WWIII going to break out if the movie you want to see is sold out?

It's time to take a minute and look at the big picture. It's time to be grateful for everything we have because, seriously, we are so incredibly lucky.

We have so many freedoms we don’t fully appreciate. We really should. Life is good. Life is beautiful. Look around you and take a minute to treasure everything you have.

Here are 27 little freedoms we take for granted every day:

1. We have the freedom to work in high-powered jobs.

Men and women are equals, and we’re killing the game.

2. We have the freedom to voice our opinions.

We can say whatever we want without fear of repercussions.

3. We have the freedom to work wherever we want.

We can now work from anywhere in the world.

4. We have the freedom to attend college.

An education is the most important investment you can make.

5. We have the freedom to dress however we want to dress.

Wear a crop top if you want to! And wear it with pride!

6. We have the freedom to make things happen for ourselves.

You don’t need to wait for things to happen. You can make them happen.

7. We have the freedom to connect with friends all over the world.

Thanks to modern technology, we can keep in touch with everyone across the globe.

8. We have the freedom to listen to music whenever we want to.

We have our music on our phones, right at our fingertips.

9. We have the freedom to travel all over the world.

We are a generation infected with wanderlust.

10. We have the freedom to cut toxic people out of our lives.

You always have the power to walk away from the people who add no value to your life.

11. We have the freedom to be who we want to be.

Never be afraid to chase your dreams.

12. We have the freedom to do things that make us happy.

Forget what anyone else says and just do you.

13. We have the freedom to choose ourselves first.

Take a big old drink of self-love.

14. We have the freedom to document our experiences.

Your journey will never be lost but memorialized in photographs.

15. We have the freedom to make our own choices.

You answer to no one but yourself.

16. We have the freedom to be a little selfish.

You are your own number one. Remember that.

17. We have the freedom to learn something new every day.

The world is ripe with endless information.

18. We have the freedom to walk away from bad situations.

You don’t have to stay if it’s damaging.

19. We have the freedom to eat whatever we want.

All the carbs. Every day.

20. We have the freedom to love whoever we want.

Everyone has the right to love whomever they love.

21. We have the freedom to fight for our beliefs.

We can be activists and stand up for what is right.

22. We have the freedom to make real changes in the world.

We have endless potential.

23. We have the freedom to stop listening to what society expects of us.

Forget society. You are your own person.

24. We have the freedom to better ourselves.

Be the best you that you can be. Grow every single day.

25. We have the freedom to be loved by our parents.

Their unconditional love and understanding have shaped us into the people we are.

26. We have the freedom to surround ourselves with people who love us.

Life is too short to waste on people who aren’t there for you 100 percent.

27. We have the freedom to love ourselves.

You never have to ashamed to be proud of the person you are.

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