The Reasons You Should Stop Making Plans

by Ashley Fern

We have all heard the saying: life is what happens when you are busy making other plans -- and this could not be truer. Live your life one day at a time and see how much less stressed you will be. It is so important to be able to accept whatever happens and to be easy going. Free yourself of the anxiety that making plans brings on.

You need to let life take you wherever it wants to go. Accept things as they come to you; life is all about spontaneity. While you're busy planning the future and not living in the present moment, the world is passing you by. Some people are too busy building a future that they forget to enjoy and honor the present.

The future will never come because when it does, it is the present and we are too busy planning for the next future, so the cycle continues of life passing us by while we’re busy making other plans.

“You cannot live in the future, you can only live in the today.”

You should live your life seeking happiness and inner peace. It is extremely helpful in life to develop the ability to take what life gives you and to accept change without becoming frustrated; this is a gift we need to give ourselves.

When a problem arises, you need to relax and let the problem work itself out. It is important not to stress and become filled with apprehension. Regardless of how much structure we create for ourselves, there will always be things outside of our control. Learning to accept these things is crucial for attaining inner peace.

“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” - Lao-Tzu

I think that on some level people realize they can’t control everything, yet some people still try to. There are things we can’t control that will affect every part of our lives. Accidents and life-altering occurrences can happen at any moment and can change the rest of your life.

Learning to adapt to these changes is where inner strength will develop. The desire to control situations is inherently stressful within itself. As Mike Tyson so eloquently said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Just like situations, you cannot control other people. As a society we tend to become frustrated when people do not act the way we want them to act. We need to learn to accept this and realize that the majority of people are looking out for their own interests.

Change is a fact of life and the sooner we realize this, the better off we are. Instead of actively trying to control things to have them remain the same, we should be accepting things as they come to us. We are part of the ever-evolving world and this is something to be embraced, not fought against.

“No matter where your frame of mind happens to be, life is still happening.”

Stop making plans, live in the moment and embrace everything it has to offer you. If you want something exciting, you need to stop trying to control things and see where life takes you. Learning to adapt to life’s unpredictability is the key to happiness. If you are able to adapt your reaction to change, you can limit the disappointment you feel when things do not go as planned.

The ability to be flexible is an invaluable life skill that will help you adapt to changes you cannot control. If you continue to stick to a rigid schedule or try to control certain situations, you may miss out on endless opportunities. Making plans is something that you will do throughout the course of your life, but realizing there will always be a certain amount of uncertainty in life allows us to keep our minds open to unexpected experiences.

Plans and schedules are useful as a framework, but leaving room for spontaneity is vital. Having a meticulously planned day is hell, especially if things do not go according to plan. This can actually be worse for you, rather than benefiting you. The stress factor needs to be eliminated from our lives. Embrace the chaos!