Check Yes Or No: How You Are Just One Decision Away From A Completely Different Life

by Danni Renee

How many more hours will your day job keep you from what you really want to do? How much longer will that relationship hinder you?

Generation-Y, what will it take for you to seize your day, decide what you want to know, where you've been, how someone speaks to you, your account balance, your weight or whatever it is that makes your life yours?

Recall that feeling when your courage was ignited and you gathered yourself to leave whatever once impeded your joy. That exhilaration of doing right for yourself should be a usual, consistent, daily feeling.


At some point, some things and people are simply no longer beneficial to you. Too many extraordinary 20-somethings with unique quirks have the ability to change the world, but aren't doing so. Think of that friend with exceptional talent who brushes it off as if he or she can't rock the mic at every karaoke session.

Hidden designers, doctors, chefs, architects, singers and business owners are among us but, unfortunately, discount their own greatness. They spend their time doing unrelated sh*t or have excuses that keep them complacent, when really they are just one decision away from a completely different life.

On the other hand, maybe this article is for you.

You definitely have something going for you that's worth believing in. Of everything that's happened to you, deposits of your experiences sit in your bank of knowledge for a reason. Shake off the dead weight of your past or make something from what you know.

Transform burdens into advantageous assets or remove them from your life with no fear. Something unfortunate may have happened, but your comeback always rises above. Things fall apart so other things can fall together -- make room for that.

Your resilience during disaster is reassurance that you will always be okay. Besides, doing what you never thought you could now unlocks doors. Represent the possibility of things happening for the 20-somethings after you.


Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you. We become experts from hours of practice. They say 10,000 hours of practicing something makes perfect, which means anyone is able. Sure, certain responsibilities use up most of our hours, but your time is precious, so leave what doesn't grow you.

You are a brave, young person. Move to a new city, break up with non-supportive friends, throw away pantry junk food, leave the job that doesn't fulfill you and engage only with what contributes to your craft... because you can.

Decide for yourself what you'd like to be developed and perfected. Surround yourself with like minds, build habits, deliberately practice and don't waste time on anything else (even if it's something you were once strongly bounded to).

Then, expect criticism. Not everyone will approve of you quitting your office job to fulfill your prolonged passion to DJ. Not everyone will understand that you aren't going out this weekend because studying on Saturday night instead will get you closer to grad school.

Your ex might even try to convince you not to leave him or her after you decide you deserve better. Make appropriate changes and respect other people's choices if you get walked away from, too. Your greatness isn't for everyone and that's okay.

Ban complacency; what is happening right now will not always be. That moment when you are not afraid to leave something good for something greater defines your love for yourself. Not narcissistically, but you'll know you'll always have your own back to do only what is best for you.

This isn't some quarter-life crisis; it's actually a very exciting period where the slate is blank and masterpieces are in pursuit if we don't waste time on the distractions. You should get started.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It