The Stoners Of The Future: Will Wax Ever Fully Replace Weed?

A wise stoner once told me, "I used to enjoy the petals, but now I realize flowers are for girls." That man (who is not my uncle) is of course alluding to smoking trees. You know; reefer, the Bhudda, that piff! But, what could he have been talking about?

You need to smoke weed to get stoned, and sure edibles are effective, but they can be just a little too much sometimes. I was introduced to something recently that changed my life -- it's called wax.

While I've known about G-Pens and vaporizers for a while, I never really knew how powerful (and convenient) they could actually be. It comes in all shapes and forms, my personal favorite is the kind that looks like baby sh*t when it's on the paper. Yeah, that's the good stuff!

The Nug

And after a while, I realized something: It's better than smoking weed! I might smoke a quick fronto every now and then, but why go outside to burn when you can hit the pen from the coziness of your crib?

If you're allowed to smoke blunts in your crib, then God bless you... asshole. Just like all the other technology around us, marijuana is changing rapidly and we need to adjust. Go to California right now and you'll find a completely cutting-edge weed culture where actual leaf is becoming obsolete. It's being concentrated, molded and waxed up into balls for everyone to hit... digitally.

When you can sit at your desk, charge up your device and hit it like you do the damn thing, then you're having a great time. And for all you saying it doesn't get you stoned, well then clearly you haven't tried dabs. Yeah, that sh*t will end your day. It's 100 percent wax!

I know all you potheads out there are probably saying you'll never stop smoking blunts and bongs, and me neither! But we just need to at least recognize that wax is the future with its endless possibilities.

We've only scratched the surface of how we can apply it to our lives. At the end of the day, we're talking about efficiency, discretion and yielding results. Taking into account what should have longer lasting cultural effects, wax is looking like the the clear winner. But no matter what you prefer, I think we can all agree on one thing: Smoke weed every day! Let us know what you think about the wax revolution.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr