A Dedication To Fronto: The Most Underrated Roll Up

by Julian Sonny

In Cali they roll swishers, in Philly (you guessed it) they twist phillies, but in New York? They smoke that fronto.

Found at any local bodega in Brooklyn, these Caribbean and Jamaican grown tobacco leaves will change the way you look at your weed... and the roll ups you're using. To put it simply: once you go fronto, you never go back!

Also known as grabba or fanta, these all-natural leaves pack a smooth, but powerful, hit that will have your head rushing, asking what the f*ck you just smoked. Plus, it saves you bud! You're not going to need a lot to get yourself smacked.

That's that fronto!

Popularity of the leaf in the tri-state area has risen to an all time high, so before you start seeing them everywhere, remember who told you first.

To see what it looks like, watch the video below where Caleb Wright from shows us five different types of fronto.

Fronto is the wave. But don't just take my word for it. Make sure you cop some. Then share this article. If not, SMD.

Check out the evolution of the magic leaf below!

Top Photo Courtesy of Instagram