The 20 GIFs That Perfectly Describe Your Weed Brownie Experience

Have you ever been offered a weed brownie without knowing the actual ramifications and effects? I have. I was 15-years-old when a loca offered me a piece of this confectionary trap, thinking I was Superman.

Already being high, and hungry, I ate the brownie in just seconds, even asking for more because it was so damn good. Boy, was that a mistake.

What happened to me soon after would change my perspective on life and affect me in ways I'd never known. I experienced every emotion that day. Good, bad, sad, rad.

I saw myself as a child, asking my older self why would I ever do this? Why, after going through so many years of DARE, would I put my body on drugs and disappoint my family?

I haven't been the same since that day and neither would you. I haven't ingested marijuana since then and I'm glad. Being that damn high just distracts you from life, and it's not real. These are the 20 GIFs that perfectly describe your weed brownie experience.

How you feel before you take them

When you can't believe how delicious that just was

While you're waiting for the high to kick in

When you decide to take more because you don't feel it

When you think you're starting to feel it

When you know you're starting to feel it

When you realize you're too high to be at work

When you realize you're too high to be alive

When you think you're having a heart attack but you're just sitting like this

When you look at yourself in the mirror

When you think you're about to die

When you start to think about weird sh*t you said earlier in the day

When you realize how weird you are

When it starts to settle in

When you go on cruise control

When you start eating

When you realize you need another brownie

How you feel after that brownie

How tired you feel a few moments later

When you wake up three days later