Smoking On That Space Age: Why Dabbing Is The Future Of Weed

I’ve been smoking marijuana for about 10 years. Bowls, bongs, blunts, joints, gas masks, vaporizers, edibles, Marinol, apples... You name it, I’ve probably done it.

That was until one day, back in 2012, I met this dude from California. In the middle of a smoking session he asked me if I ever heard of wax and dabbing.

I replied, “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” He then began to explain what I was about to get myself into, and so begins the journey to finding that newest way to enjoy cannabis.

Growing up in New Jersey made me feel so left out of the loop. Unlike the West Coast, who I personally feel is like at least five-10 years ahead of us at the weed game, we could only get what was available.

Sooner or later I would meet more and more people from around the area telling me about their experience with dabbing.

I even asked them if you could do anything with marijuana, their immediate response was dabbing. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to find it. I needed to try dabs!

I ended up splitting an oil rig with one of my buddies, complete with a titanium nail, mini torch and a dabbing tool for about $250. As we had a long, epic ride back to the crib we knew we had to do some things before we actually started dabbing.

First, we hit the glass with some 420 solution, rinsed it out with warm water, then left it to air dry. The next step was crucial to getting the most out of our dabs: We took our nail and superheated it red with our mini torch, then we doused it in cold water a couple of times.

You’ll be able to see the nail bleed a blue color. After four or five times it should turn into an opaque black color. You’re ready to dab!

Begin by getting your dab ready on your dabbing tool. Take your torch and begin to heat up your titanium nail red hot.

Place your vapor dome over your nail. I prefer to literally dab at the nail, watching how it vaporizes the wax on my dabber. Then as soon as I think I’m done dabbing, I place my dabbing tool and ride the nail in circles to vaporize any extra resin off of it.

The first time I ever dabbed I felt wave over my body before I started feeling really really high. I was amazed how that one hit, literally hit me. It wasn’t like any standard bong or bowl rip.

It tasted so good. It stunk up the place. I believe it even set off the goddamn fire alarm. Honestly, one dab obviously ain’t enough. I will note, to dab responsibly, this isn’t your green buddy nuggets you’re familiar with, it’s The Hulk gone ssj3. With that said, happy dabbing and godspeed.

via Lexichronic