7 Lessons The Silent Generation Wants To Impart To Millennials

We wake up in the morning, handle an early dress code crisis, read the "scary news" about constant developments, survive the traffic, go through busy work schedules and solve each evening's dinner problem.

Then, we wait for weekends when can relax a little bit, but oh wait, we need to figure out the weekend plans.

Because otherwise, time is passing, and you need to do something in order to give some life to your existence.

How will we survive until our grandparents' ages if we make this chaos the base of our daily routine?

Luckily, in all these moments of information overload, I call the one person who will always bring me down to reality and will remind me what life is: my grandmother.

You know how they say, "Always respect elder people and listen to them?"

It's because they are very much ahead of you in life.

Our grandparents survived a lot of chaos, intense changes and moments of wars and peace, and so they're able to point out the few problems we youngsters now experience.

One day during a chat with my grandma on phone, I realized how stressed I was making myself.

While she was trying to have a conversation with me, I was occupied by worries and daily trivial stuff.

In that moment, I asked myself, "How come a person in her early 80s feels more vital and full of life than I do in my mid-20s?"

I sat down, and while taking a break from my problems, I actually started to listen to her words and stories more clearly.

The years of her experiences and stories became useful and important in my own life.

So, here are a few that I wrote down:

1. Take some time for yourself every day.

It doesn't matter how busy you are or how many problems you're thinking about in the moment; always take a little break.

Today is the day, and it's the only day you have. You do not want to miss it.

Even taking 15 minutes to enjoy your cup of coffee and be with yourself for a little is valuable.

2. Treat yourself with balance.

Of course, you need to take care of your health and need to know your body, but do not overdo it.

Eating salad all the time and counting calories will only drive crazy until you reach exhaustion.

Sometimes, that little piece of cake is as good as a spa treatment. So, enjoy it without any guilt, and do not focus too much on restrictions.

3. Go for walks.

Sometimes, when too much is happening all at once, the best thing you can do is go for a walk.

Leave everything behind you, and go out to enjoy your city, smell the rain, look at the shops, meet people and just be with yourself in motion.

It always refreshes your mind and body.

4. Write down your daily thoughts.

You may be confused and overloaded by things to do, but you should always take some time to brainstorm your day, goals and thoughts.

Write down what you actually learned every day.

You will see that although you may not think so, every day teaches you something new.

It might be a little thing, but it can be a very useful one.

5. Stay curious.

It does not matter how old you are or what interests you; keep yourself updated with interesting stories, history and inspiring people.

Your mind is eager to learn, and it will always keep you on track if you let yourself follow your curiosities.

6. Love your looks.

Always remember every day is a party, and you should let yourself dress like it.

There is no need to wear heels, pearls or suits all the time, but a little bit of style will help improve your outlook.

Keep yourself on the track so you look good in the mirror.

You need to always be ready for something important to happen because life does not wait.

7. Laugh so hard it hurts.

Let yourself laugh as much as you can because it is the most beautiful and enjoyable thing in the world.

Try to keep yourself surrounded by the people and environments that make you feel enthusiastic, smiley and happy about things.

That energy just adds more life to your days.

And before hanging up the phone and going to her new gymnastic classes, my grandma told me her moral of the story.

This is why life is simple:

Want to laugh? Laugh! Want to create? Create! Want to do what you love? Do it! I don't understand why this new generation creates all these obstacles in their heads. In our days, it was simple. You want it? You do it! In your days, you all analyze things too much. And I lived in the Soviet Union, darling. So, don't say it is harder now.