5 Reasons You Should Live With Your Brother Or Sister In Your 20s

For the past six months, my sister and I have been living together in New York City.

Whenever I tell people this, they always respond, “That must be weird."

They aren't wrong. It is kind of weird.

However, once we got past the initial growing pains, I've found living with my sister to be among the highlights of my 20s.

Of course, not all siblings should live together, but my sister and I are close in age. So, the timing has been perfect, as we're both still stumbling through our 20s.

For those of you who also have siblings close to you in age, consider these five reasons why your next roommate should be your sibling:

1. Weird In A Good Way

You'll quickly experience weird moments while living with your sibling.

I can’t explain to you how uncomfortable it made me the first time my sister brought a guy home.

It was equally uncomfortable when I drunkenly brought a girl back from a nearby bar.

However, putting yourselves in these awkward situations makes you realize a fundamental truth about people: We all just want to get laid.

Believe it or not, this extends to family members, too.

Before we lived together, the topic of sex was taboo.

These days, if she brings a guy back, I’ll simply high-five her and express my jealousy she’s the only one getting laid that night.

2. The Gross Factor

Once when my sister was taking a shower, I suddenly realized eating leftover Chipotle at 9 am wasn’t a good idea.

I rushed to the bathroom and banged on the door, and my sister begrudgingly let me in before scurrying back into the shower.

We were sharing the bathroom, and the only thing my sister could do was laugh as she exclaimed, “What did you eat?”

These days, it’s standard for both of us to leave the door unlocked when we're showering, and that would probably be weird for 99 percent of roommates.

Ultimately, there’s nothing either of us could do that would gross the other one out, and it’s rare to have that comfort with a roommate.

3. The Silly Factor

Considering I grew up with my sister, there’s no one I’m more comfortable acting goofy around.

As an adult, my moments of silliness are often restrained due to unfamiliarity with whomever I’m surrounded by.

However, in the company of my sister, there’s no limit to the absurdity either one of us brings to the table.

In fact, living with my sister undoubtedly helps me channel my goofy side more often.

In the end, feeling that sense of comfort with your roommate has this wonderful ability to make you feel like a careless child again, and that is a priceless feeling.

4. Honesty Is Effortless

When you’re living with your sibling, there are no passive aggressive fights because someone failed to clean the dishes or take out the garbage.

If I have something to say to my sibling, or vice versa, there’s no filter.

Even better, no one’s feelings are ever hurt because this open and honest communication is merely a result of being related.

Don’t get me wrong; there will be fights, but what other person have you gotten into more fights with in your life than your sibling?

The answer is no one. So, you both know any fight will naturally resolve itself usually within 48 hours.

5. Family Over Everything

Although I’ve seen this phrase tattooed on a few too many people, those of us who come from loving, supportive families know how lucky we are.

So, it’s important to always invest in keeping the bonds of family strong.

Without question, one of the greatest benefits of living with my sister is the sense of interconnectedness among my immediate family.

Since one of us is almost always in contact with our parents, no piece of news ever goes uncirculated.

Despite the distance between us, that steady flow of communication has kept my family close.

In the end, living with my sibling has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Don’t get me wrong; when I first moved in, I thought it was going to be a nightmare. However, it’s proved to be just the opposite.

So, if the option exists to live with your sibling in your 20s, don’t sleep on it.

It’s unlikely you will ever get that chance again.