Sexy And You Know It: 8 Signs You're The Samantha Of Your Friend Group

by Megan Mills

Although she may be fictional, Samantha Jones was a rock star.

As one of the most loved characters on "Sex and the City," we watched episode after episode because of her sexual escapades, humorous one-liners and general fabulousness.

Her ability to separate emotions and sex was something we wish we were capable of from time to time.

Contrary to popular belief, she's not a whore; she's a woman with the morals of a man. More importantly, she has fun — in the bedroom, in the office and everywhere else.

If you've ever watched the show and thought, "That is exactly something I would do," you might be a Samantha Jones without even realizing it.

Here's how you know you're the Samantha in your group:

1. Your career is your long-term boyfriend

Your career is steady and gives you what you put into it. You're a ball-buster in the conference room and aren't afraid to show your passion.

You're at a job you love and you know you're good at it, which is a successful combination. Going to work every day isn't a chore; it's a way of life.

The fact that you're a hot woman may make it more challenging for your male colleagues to take you seriously, so you become your own boss, just like Samantha.

2. You focus on loving yourself more than anyone else

When Samantha Jones finds herself changing who she is for any man, he's history. Sound familiar?

You're too important to yourself to let a man mold you into his perfect Barbie. If a man doesn't want you for you, let him walk out the door.

You have your own lifestyle you love and his opinion is nice, but certainly not necessary. Just like Miss Jones, a guy never dictates your course of action.

3. Your confidence is off the charts

How many times do we hear from men that confidence is sexy? Yawn. You've had this trait since day one. It's as much a part of you as red lipstick and your vibrator.

Drunk or not, you're never afraid to walk across the bar to strike up a conversation with the hottest guy there.

This tends to work well for you because you know your self-worth and what you want. You're never out of anyone's league in this game.

4. Your friends come to you for all sex advice

They know you've most likely "been there, done that." Are they experimenting with new toys? You're ready to give the pros and cons of each toy on the market.

Are they trying to spice up their sex lives? Although this is something you've never had an issue with, you give them foolproof ways to take them from playful to porn star.

They love that you're like the live version of Kama Sutra and feel comfortable coming to you for advice.

To you, it's just another normal day to go shopping with your bestie for strawberry-flavored lube.

5. You'll try anything once

Being afraid is something you experience, but will never admit; even Samantha Jones is human.

Experimenting with new things and adventures never scares you away, though; you embrace the rush. Just like Samantha, you consider yourself a "trisexual," meaning you'll try anything once.

But, this isn't just true in the bedroom; this part of you transfers over into your daily life, too. When things get stagnant, you're the ingredient that will spice things up.

6. You don't judge

Who are we to judge anyone, really? We don't judge ourselves for the mistakes we've made, so why should we judge our best friend for sleeping with her ex?

You're the friend your friends tell their deepest secrets to because you know how to listen without giving the "you shouldn't have done that" speech. You'll leave that to their moms.

You're there, ready with wine, to be the friend who is more of a listener than a preacher.

You hold many secrets from each of your friends that you'll take to the grave with you.

7. You can have sex "like a man"

Booty calls tend to be your thing. You have too much sh*t to do to cuddle and talk about feelings.

You keep it simple and safe, and boundaries are your best friend. Ain't nobody got time for emotions.

When you're not trying to take over the world, you're taking care of yourself. Sex is a huge part of your life, but after you get what you want from it, you're satisfied.

Someday, you might find a guy who doesn't see you as intimidating and wants to run wild with you, but today is not that day.

8. You're a fierce friend

Just like Miss Jones, you're a fierce friend. You will stand up for your best friends in a heartbeat, no matter what the situation.

You're outspoken and don't care if you tell a douchey guy off at the bar. You like doing it. Your friends know you have their backs and can count on you for anything.

With you by their sides, they have the funniest, craziest stories to tell, from bar fights to vacation adventures. Your friends are often your family, and you never let them forget it.