7 Amazing Things About Scotland That Will Make It Shine Even Without Independence

In case you missed it, Scotland rejected its independence from the UK. That's right folks, the country is staying with the UK.

The situation is reminiscent of when we were younger and someone handed you a note in class. You opened it and it asked, "Will you be my girlfriend? Circle yes or no."

If you replied with a "yes" to the relationship -- or to independence -- you would quickly find that the union, or lack thereof, consisted of much more than chocolates and roses. It actually ended up getting quite complicated.

Independence has its pros and cons. Beyoncé taught us that it's a good thing to be an independent woman, but issues can arise when you claim independence without properly thinking about the future and how it can lead to an even bigger mess.

So, independent or not, many people forget about what makes Scotland such a great country.

Here are some facts you might not have known about Scotland that makes the country shine with or without independence:

1. Unicorns!

Sure, they’re not real, but Scottish culture is rich in myths and legends, so of course, the unicorn would be a fitting choice for the country’s national animal. It has also been used in the royal coat of arms since the 12th century.

2. Literature.

Robert Louis Stevenson came up with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (he’s Scottish).

3. Bond, James Bond.

One of the most famous James Bonds was Sean Connery who, yup, you guessed it, is from Scotland. And let’s not forget other Scottish actors: Ewan McGregor ("Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith"); Brian Cox ("Her"); Alan Cumming ("Josie and the Pussycats" and so many other less ridiculous films); James McAvoy ("X-Men: Apocalypse"); and the ever-so-dreamy, Gerard Butler ("300") all hail from Scotland.

This offering of swoon-worthy leading men more than classifies it as a notable nation-state.

4. Alcohol.

They drink a lot of it! A 2012 study showed that Scots drink 19 percent more than the English and Welsh. So, it should come as no surprise that life expectancy in some parts of Glasgow are among the lowest in the UK, and is even on par with the Gaza Strip. But you know what? So what!? YOLO!

5. Smarty pants.

A 2014 study suggested Scotland to be the most highly educated nation in Europe. The "wee country" offers 15 universities and even Prince William studied at St. Andrews. Oh, and he met Kate Middleton there!

6. Gingers.

Scotland has the highest portion of gingers in the world. Since 15 percent of the Scottish population has red hair, there are marches for “Ginger Pride.”

7. Sheep.

Scotland has more sheep than people. That alone gives it evidence for being such a cute country. And, the people who live there likely have no trouble falling asleep.

So, you know what? Scotland is actually a pretty cool place. Not breaking away from the United Kingdom certainly doesn't compromise its value or cool factor. So, no worries, UK-affiliated Scots, no one doubts that you'll continue to rock it like you have for the past 307 years.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It