Seth Rogen Is The Official Posterboy For Weed Legalization (Video)


It seems like Seth Rogen has been everywhere lately, especially in the wake of his moving speech on Alzheimer research.

However, he’ll always hold a special place in our hearts as our favorite stoner after his gripping portrayal of your average pothead in “Pineapple Express.”

The self-proclaimed stoner has absolutely no shame in admitting that he tokes the reefer, hits the bong and rolls the joints. That’s right, he’ll even go on "Letterman" and talk about just how much he enjoys getting high, when he gets high and that he’s high most of his life.

That’s right, Seth Rogen is permanently stoned -- an idea only those of you who’ve smoked enough will understand. He even admitted (jokingly, but with a serious undertone) that he almost moved to Washington when weed first became legal.

Thus, we’ve decided that not only is he the new face of Alzheimer’s research, but the poster boy for America's rapidly sweeping weed legalization movement, and we're ready to make t-shirts.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It