9 Reasons Why The Sagittarius Man And Woman Make For The Greatest BFFs

Sagittarii are those people you see telling jokes to large crowds, or fulfilling elaborate proposals to their significant others. Our dream is to travel the world and discover the truth within ourselves and our lives.

Our element is fire, and our ruling planet is Jupiter, which makes us larger than life.

You never know what you're going to get when you befriend a Sagittarius, but that's all part of the fun. Here are nine reasons why Sags make the ultimate BFFs.

1. We're spontaneous, but not flaky.

You never know what a day is going to be like with a Sag. We could have plans to go to a movie, but then we'll find out that an underground band playing. Suddenly, we're jamming out and partying with total strangers.

However, if you'd rather not change plans, that's totally cool with us. Friends come first.

2. We're down for anything.

Got an idea for a startup? Want to bike around Europe? The Sag is eager and willing to listen to any idea, no matter how insane or risky, and will support you until the end.

Because we're all about freedom and adventure, we understand when your dreams want to take you someplace else. Just text us when you get there.

3. There's never drama.

Sagittarii are open, honest and straightforward. We don't like to beat around the bush, and if you're doing something that annoys us, we won't talk about you behind your back.

A true Sag will address any problems to your face, so you can move on and continue being friends again. Sometimes, this can offend people, especially when we come off as blunt, but we don't want any secrets or drama between us.

4. We're lucky.

Sagittarii are known for their luck. Good things tend to just happen to us, and if you're one of our friends, good things are bound to happen to you, too!

The reason why Sags are so lucky is because of our die-hard personalities, unwavering optimism and commitment to getting things done. We like to make things happen for themselves, and others are just along for the ride.

5. We're optimistic.

When you're around someone who's optimistic, it tends to rub off. A Sag friend will always put a smile on your face, no matter how hard the day. We like to see the best in people and situations.

Sags have a laid-back way of thinking that everything will work out eventually, and it's usually the advice we like to give. We genuinely believe it to be 100 percent true.

6. We're very philosophical.

You can always have a deep conversation with a Sag. As much as we're a little materialistic and flighty, we always like to stop and think about what it all means.

Sags are truth-seekers by nature, and we love to theorize about life and the cosmos. So, if you fancy a deep conversation instead of an adventure, Sags are always down for that, too.

7. We're also pretty smart.

Our philosophical side tends to provide us with a thirst for knowledge. When Sags are interested in certain subjects, they dig through thousands of articles and books until they feel they've learned everything they need to know. This also makes us great at Trivial Pursuit.

8. We're hilarious.

Sags are never the ones to see the downsides of situations. We crack jokes on almost any occasion, and we view troubling circumstances as good stories to tell later.

We're basically that funny friend you can always count on to make a dull situation amusing. And with a Sag, everybody's in on the joke.

9. Don't give up on us, and we won't give up on you.

The one thing a Sag is above all else is loyal. Friends are the most important aspect of Sag's life, and he or she will do anything for his or her friends.

We're the kind of people you meet in pre-K, and end up sharing a dorm with in college. Once you have us, we're with you for life.