7 Reasons Why Men Are Going To Want To Take Birth Control Come 2017

Earlier this week, we learned that male birth control should finally be at our fingertips by 2017. Vasalgel, a non-hormonal medicine, has been tested on baboons and will move on to human testing by as early as 2015.

The future of male birth control may greatly influence the sexual dynamic in relationships and intimacy. As a society, we'll be privy to new questions like, should men take birth control, as well as women? Will they actually take it when it becomes available?

I may be a bit biased on this topic, as I am a woman, but here's why men should take birth control once it becomes available:

1. Safe sex shouldn’t be just a girl’s responsibility

It takes two to tango, and once male birth control finally sees the light of day, the least horny men of the world could do is take some weight off of girls' shoulders and control their sperm, outside of using a condom.

2. No, birth control isn’t 100 percent effective, but we all know how much you hate condoms

It’s no secret that condoms to men are what shaving is to women: It’s annoying and sometimes, the process is uncomfortable. If you want good results, however, you have to suck it up and do it.

In the event that a condom is not available, or you’re in the mood to take a risk, birth control is a solid option.

3. It’s reversible

While some men may be wary about their chances of successfully reproducing later in life after taking male birth control, the process is actually reversible.

If a man decides he doesn’t want it anymore, the shot can be flushed out.

4. It’s a shot that only needs to be taken once

Although there won't be more than one birth control option for men, the shot lasts for a long period of time after being injected into the male’s vas deferens -- the duct tube through which sperm travels during ejaculation.

5. Because, for all the men who say that girls trap them into pregnancy…

…why not take your sexual health into your own hands? There is always the one guy in the crowd who knows some girl who “forgot” to take her birth control and thus, “accidentally” got pregnant.

In an effort to cover all bases, it makes more sense for a guy to grab take his sexual intentions by the horns (the medicine actually markets to the 20-something guy on the dating market, who worries about whether or not a girl takes her pills).

6. This isn’t that new

The medicine, created by a doctor in India, was created more than 15 years ago and has been going through trials since then.

Men shouldn’t be afraid of the “coming in 2017” headlines, as this is not something that cropped up yesterday.

7. It’s backwards for a woman’s body to act as a defense to sperm

Let's do some math: Women are born with only so many eggs, and these eggs steadily die off until menopause. Men, on average, produce 1,500 sperm per second. Let that sink in.

Although this news may not be the easiest pill to swallow, it’s an amazing sociological and sexual breakthrough for both men and women of our generation.

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop