She Proved You Can Have It All: Why I Admire My Career-Driven Mom

by Brittany Wright

Since the beginning of time, moms were the caretakers of the home and the children while husbands were the moneymakers.

Mom would wake the kids up and hurry them off to school, but not before she made Dad his morning coffee and bagged John's and Jane’s lunches.

While Dad was away at work, Mom cleaned and ran some errands until it was time for John and Jane to come home. Then, she prepared dinner.

Fortunately, for me, there were a few brave women along the way who decided to break the mold.

They decided they wanted to work and become financially independent and successful on their own. They are career-driven and ambitious goal-setters.

Two of my biggest role models happen to be these types of women: My mother and grandmother. I thank them for this.

These types of women are often labeled as cold, non-maternal and anything else other than loving.

As a product of these fabulous women, I have personally seen the bashing they can experience. However, I have also experienced their strong love and support.

The woman who loves her career and is determined to do her best and be her best is not always cold and unloving. In fact, one of the biggest factors that contributes to her hard work is love.

She is committed to providing for those she loves, and she sets an example she hopes her children will follow.

A common misconception is that women can’t have it all; they can't have wonderful relationships with their children, stable marriages and kickass careers.

Sure, the career does prevent her from spending quite as much time with her children as a stay-at-home mom is able to, but this doesn't mean her relationship with her kids has to suffer.

This mom can usually manage a career and home life with passion, care and love.

Her kids know she would love to spend more time with them (and they would like to as well), but they also understand how busy her schedule is and how much she loves her job.

When she is around, she will offer them all of her attention and let them know just how much she loves them.

She supports them in all they do and is always there when they truly need her.

She will never put work first, but she does put it second. Anyone who truly loves her also admires this about her.

She’s strong-willed and powerful. When she says no, she means it, and she always has a good reason for her decision. She weighs all options first and then chooses the best.

She expects the best from her kids, but she understands mistakes are bound to happen.

She teachers her children to always learn from their mistakes in order to not make the same ones again.

She makes her kids work for what they want, just like she does for herself. Her kids know how to budget their money before they know how to drive and they understand the value of a penny.

She is not the stereotypical "cool mom." She allows her children to have their own lives, all while still being their best friends.

She raises her children to be independent, ambitious and loving, just like she is.

She usually spends little time on herself, and she is always putting her energy toward her work, her kids and her significant other.

She is caring, motherly and supportive in a different way. As the kid of a fabulously ambitious and successful mom, I wouldn’t want it any other way.