10 Highs And Lows Of Being A Second Semester College Senior

By Kaitlyn

One moment, you’re loving every second of your senior year, and then, you’re reminded it's almost over.

Of course, writing those final papers, attending group meetings and filling out endless job applications are a must in that last semester, but let's be real: There are much more important things to do.

With that said, the final semester of the free land us “adults” get to enjoy for four years (five-plus for others) is coming to an end.

So, damn right you’ll enjoy every second of it.

Here are a few of the pros and cons that an about-to-be graduate faces in his or her final lap of freedom:


Pro: You think you're invincible in everything you do because you know you’re leaving soon.

Con: But, the large amount of alcohol you’ve consumed over the past four years is catching up to you and you don’t feel so invincible.

Course Load

Pro: Half of your final-semester courses are blow-off classes that either include the numbers "101" or showing up in workout clothes is required.

Con: The other half of those classes require enough work to keep you in the library until spring break. They may only be worth three credits, but there’s enough work involved for it to seem worthy of six.


Pro: You have enough crazy moments and embarrassing stories to last a whole Wine Wednesday, in with the girls.

Con: Too many trips down memory lane and enough bottles of wine will turn into tears and depression about it being almost over.

"You're Hired!"

Pro: Landing your first big-kid job is a perfect reason to go out and celebrate. Not to mention, it's another reason to use the “this is my last semester” excuse on all of your friends.

Con: It finally hits you that you’re switching your perfect four-day week with nothing scheduled before noon to a full-time nine-to-five.

Business Casual?

Pro: At this point in your college career, dressing up for class is out of the question and only happens when you’re required to do so for a presentation. You’re perfectly fine with yoga pants and t-shirts as an everyday thing.

Con: The only thing you’re asking for as a graduation gift is professional clothes and heels lower than six inches.


Pro: Any invite is a good enough excuse to procrastinate finishing (or starting) whatever is due tomorrow morning. Why do you think Starbucks opens so early?

Con: That GPA you worked so hard to create freshmen and sophomore year has been slowly decreasing, day drink by day drink.

Budgeting 101

Pro: You used to buy all of your books for the semester in perfect condition. Now, you make friends with your classmates so you can split the cost if the book is absolutely 100 percent mandatory.

Con: Not buying books also means not getting that refund at the end of the year when everyone else resorts to returning bottles for cab money.


Pro: You cherish every snow day, tailgate, day drink, holiday, and any other reason to act completely foolish while it's still acceptable.

Con: It's tear-inducing to know you won’t even be able to look at social media on days like this when you’re in the real world. FOMO is a real thing and Snapchat doesn’t help.

Freshmen Jealousy 

Pro: You’re so over making new friends at this point and could care less what other people think about your group when you’re out. #NoNewFriends

Con: Half of the people around you are still teenagers who get drunk off of two shots of cheap vodka. On the inside, you’re slightly jealous they’re just starting the most unhealthy and best four years of their lives.

All The Feels

Pro: Finally, you’re finishing the best years of your life at a place that allowed you to meet the people who fed you tequila shots on your 21st birthday, and decide what you want to do (and don’t want to do) for the rest of your life.

Con: It’s only going to cost you a lifetime to pay off the student loans.

But, in all seriousness, the embarrassing moments you wouldn’t take back, classes you skipped because watching a movie with the roommates was a bigger priority and tailgates you might not completely remember could never compare to any dollar sign.

Thank god for Homecoming, where Fireball and football tailgates are the only things that matter for a weekend of reuniting and not acting your age.

That is, until the alarm goes off at 9 am for work on Monday.