11 Struggles All Pinterest-Obsessed People Are Familiar With

Pinterest is the place we girls go to plan weddings to imaginary fiancés, create wardrobes we will never be able to afford and design homes about which we could only ever dream.

For those who have no idea what Pinterest is, I’ll give you a brief rundown: It’s Facebook for girls.

Okay, not really (but it kinda is); it’s an Internet bulletin board where you can create boards and pin your favorite inspiration in the form of images.

Okay, I’ll start by professing how much I love Pinterest. I love that it’s a better time waster than Facebook.

I love that it gives me ideas for crafts. I love that I can leave a Pinterest session with newfound inspiration and creative appreciation.

I love that I can learn more about my friends’ décor styles, art appreciation, wedding ideas and foodspiration.

I love that it’s visually easy to use and not too visually busy. I love that it has anything and everything I could ever want or desire to search. I love it.

But, seriously, how far is too far? And, what are the side effects of a Pinterest obsession?

So I present, to you, 11 problems every Pinterest-obsessed person can understand:

1. You plan weddings without even being engaged, let alone having a boyfriend.

First of all, there are the names of the boards: One Day, Now I Need a Groom, Maybe Baby, I Do, My Future Wedding, Happily Ever After, Dream Wedding, Down The Aisle, Big Day, True Love, If He Ever Asks — the list goes on.

And, don’t worry, girls — I know your secrets; just because I can’t see your wedding board on your public Pinterest profile doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

2. Pinterest "rules."

So there are no actual Pinterest rules, but the reality is, we all have an idea of what is proper Pinterest etiquette.

Is it okay to consecutively post 10 photos from our friend's Style Me board onto our own? Will she care? Or, should it just be limited to three re-pins per day?

Do you need to rename your friend’s pins when you re-pin them to your own board? Do I have to follow back my friend who just started following me?

I mean it’s cool that she liked what I pin, but the reality is, I don't like what she pins…

These are the question one might ask herself during an average Pinterest session. Ridiculous, I know. Who made up these rules anyway!?

3. Pinsomnia.

This is the inability to sleep at night because you keep clicking "see more pins" just one more time.

4. You haven't looked at a Mason jar the same way since Pinterest came along.

Who would’ve thought there were so many different uses for Mason jars? Not me! I love them! Have some jars around your house? Make an indoor herb garden!

Need to de-clutter your bathroom? Organize your makeup brushes, toothbrushes and cotton balls into jars!

Don't have a vase for that beautiful bouquet of flowers you were given (because that happens every day)? Decorate a glass jar with burlap, lace and brown string!

I literally have 46 pins on my Glass Jar Ideas board, and each pin represents a different use for the magic that is Mason jars.

5. You completely understand the feelings of a Pinterest DIY fail.

No matter how many times you’ve tried, you just can’t get your projects to mirror the perfection portrayed on Pinterest.

6. Your home/rooms have started to feel inadequate.

The modern minimalist home décor pins begin to cloud your vision of what is actually realistic for a bedroom.

I mean, let's be honest; it’s not realistic to live in a bedroom where all you have is a bed, free-hanging light bulb and a stack of books on your nightstand (which you totally read every night before you go to bed). Where do you even store your clothes?

7. You’ve pinned way too many sock buns and top knots.

Yet, we still struggle to achieve the perfect hairstyle without it taking one hour.

How do they get their top knots looking so perfect on Pinterest!? That shall forever be a mystery.

8. If you can’t find inspiration from Facebook exercise pages, you spend time creating a Pinterest board with motivational quotes.

You look up multiple exercise ideas for that toned and lean stomach you’ve been wanting all year, yet all the while, you could’ve been using that time to actually get off your couch and go to the gym.

Enough said.

9. No matter how hard you try, you’ve never felt like you’ve "hacked" life enough.

There is always something else on Pinterest that will make your life one step easier.

Need to spray paint a frame without getting paint everywhere? Put it in a cardboard box! Broken zipper on your jeans? Put a key chain ring through the zip and hook it onto the button!

Need to get labels off glass bottles? Put them in the sink with baking powder, vinegar, dish soap and hot water, and boom!

Seriously, the list doesn’t end.

10. Pínjà vu.

The feeling you get that you think you've pinned something before. 

11. You’ve downloaded the Pinterest extension on Google Chrome.

Now you can literally pin any image that appears on the Internet.

Literally anything that you see — any bright idea, any cool outfit or any great photo — can all be pinned to your Pinterest board by the simple click of a button.

Pinterest isn't just a website, it’s a part of your life.