The Photos That Show New York Can Persevere Through Anything


New York City has always been admired for its never-ending rush of madness which has given it the iconic nickname – the city that never sleeps. With the most recent superstorm hitting the big city, New York has shown that its now stronger than ever although many homes were left without power in early November.

Whether you have to walk your dog in flooded streets or walk the Brooklyn Bridge just to get to work, if you’re a true New Yorker, you’re going to get it done. Here are the photos that show that New York can persevere through anything:

New Yorkers being crammed in subway cart two days after Sandy.

New Yorkers running the ING Marathon even though it was canceled.

Walking the streets of New York right after disaster has struck.

New Yorkers patiently waiting for the subway to arrive as lines stretched for blocks to get on the trains.

New Yorkers getting on the ferry just a few days after Sandy.

Even during our darkest hour we were still the city with the most life.

Wall Street never sleeps.

The New York minute.

No such a thing as a bad day not to walk the dogs.

It never stops.

Whatever it takes.

Commuting through it.

Right back at it.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images