People's Fashion Choices Are Actually Changing Because Of Trump: Here's How

by Unwritten

To all of you who think that fashion is strictly personal, listen up. The fashion choices you make matter more than ever in today's political world.

People are boycotting brands, supporting organizations through purchases and using their fashion to speak for them.

Your clothing choices and sartorial purchases are starting to make a significant difference in the world, as well as send a message.

When I meet people, one of the first things they ask is what I do for a living. I'm a fashion and beauty writer, and it's whole-heartedly who I am. But as much as I love my profession, I'd be lying if I said that I was never hesitant to admit what I do.

I am a journalist, but as soon as the words fashion and beauty come out of my mouth, I see people instantly undermine my job title. Especially with everything going on in politics at the moment.

It's hard enough saying that you are a journalist in 2017. President Trump has spent the majority of his political career putting down the entire profession.

This makes it an "us-versus-them" situation.

What you wear, which turns into what I write about, is important. This is not a vapid sector of journalism that panders to a small audience.

There was an influx of apparel that went around specifically for this election season.

Everyone from small businesses on Etsy to Marc Jacobs designed election attire.

Miley Cyrus

These garments included everything from t-shirts with protest slogans on them to faces of politicians.

Just because the president has been picked and the battle has been won doesn't mean that clothing no longer makes a political statement.

President Trump has threatened multiple organizations since getting into office. Just a few of them being Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and the Natural Resources Defense Council.

And guess what? Designers have created items that you can purchase to give proceeds back to all of those organizations and more.

We are in a time when what you wear has the power to spread a powerful message and give back to the causes you care about.

That's not the only way fashion is impacting the world either. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Kmart and Sears have dropped Trump-branded merchandise.

It has had an impact so strong that Kellyanne Conway is willing to potentially break the law to contest.

Why? Because the buying trends have made a noticeable statement of protest. You might not have the power to actually make the laws in this country, but you can control what you wear and where your money goes.

And in a capitalistic society, that is true power. The recent headlines prove that it's starting to make a difference too.

The message is so strong that New York Fashion Week took a stand with Planned Parenthood. They made pins that read “fashion stands with Planned Parenthood,” and passed them out throughout the week.

Plenty of fashion designers have incorporated political messages into their shows as well.

Christian Siriano debuted the “People Are People” shirt which is sold online for an affordable price of $25, with all proceeds benefiting the ACLU.

Tommy Hilfiger had models walk the runway with white bandanas saying “tied together” around their wrists.

Creatures of Comfort designed a “we are all human beings” shirt. Those are just a handful of items that walked the runway and made a political statement.

Whether you're buying the $10 tee from Etsy or investing in some higher end pieces, every purchase matters.

It's so easy to buy an item and think that you are not sending a message.

But when you start being more aware of what you're wearing and what statement you are making, you'll understand how much of an effect it has on the world.

Keep on shopping to stand for what you believe in. Because at the end of the day, who you support and the message on your back makes a powerful statement.