3 People, 3 Places and 4 Things People From Denver Are Accustomed To

Yes, I'm from Denver. No, I've never been to South Park; of course, I'm a Manning fan, and I'd actually prefer a Coors Light.

Denver is the most neutral, friendly, level-headed state to live in. Only after relocating to a different state did I begin to truly miss everything about the 303/720.

Denver is a superb place to raise a family because it's calm, health-conscious, active and inexpensive.

People from Denver wear their original Nuggets jerseys proud, know the best remedy is in an outdoor hot tub during snow fall and never take a sunny day for granted.

Our speed limit never exceeds 65 mph, we always find parking and grocery store lines are never too long.

The no-jacket-wearing people in 30-degree weather, the rarely overcrowded places and our good air and unfiltered drinkable sink water, make it a place any relocated Denverite wants to return to.

There are a few things that this hometown ingrains in its people, and automatically knowing our east vs. west orientation, based on which way the mountains run, is one of them.

There are some unsaid things that only others from Denver will understand, and anyone who didn't grow up there can quickly grow accustomed to.


1.  Everyone else 

Growing up in Denver means we didn't acquire accents. We are the neutral ones, and quickly know when you're from some place else.

Even the slightest rolled "R," or when you just "can't find your khaki's to your car," will get spotted and made fun of.

2. John Elway #7 

This legend of a Bronco will always be a household name. The days of him, Terrell Davis and Mike Shanahan will always have a place in our memories, even with our current QB on the rise. Orange and blue all day.

3. Larry, Kendall and Kathie

The KS 107.5 morning show trio have been included in our daily regimens of waking up, getting ready, getting to work and cracking up every morning during the week.

They've been on air for years, and even though we don't know what each of them really look like, they've grown to become friends of our very own.

Even after moving to another city, streaming these three cures that homesickness any day.


1. Market St, Downtown Denver 

This street is calm, classy and collected during the day, and a completely different story on weekend nights.

Daytime Market Street entails passing through to get to 16th St. Mall, or taking a break from class at Auraria campus across the bridge.

Nighttime Market Street, on the other hand, is like a hub for elementary through high school reunions every weekend.

A Denver native knows they can pretty much show up at the bar alone and almost always come acorss different groups of old friends, coworkers, classmates, etc. to join the party with.

Whether you find them in the middle of the street, the parking lots or any of the bars, someone you know and love will be there.

Going out turns into one big meet up with people you haven't seen in years.

2. Mile High Stadium 

They can change the name of our football arena as many times as they want, but it will always be known as Mile High.

Who calls it by its rightful name anyway? Sports Authority Field, is it?

3. DIA 

If anyone has been to Denver International Airport, they have seen the murals, or the 32-foot red eyed blue mustang horse statue just off the freeway.

Yeah, we can't explain them either.


1. Bipolar weather

Blizzards in March can really come in handy if snow days happen around spring break.

Halloween costumes always somehow incorporate our winter coats. We always get to see all four seasons.

2. The fact the weed is legal

No one actually from Denver really cares that much.  

3. The mountains: Aspen, Breck, Copper, A-Basin and more

Yes, the snow is powdery and real! But the mountains are not in our backyards, so stop asking us how good we are at skiing and snowboarding right after finding out we are from Colorado.

4. Our altitude 

With an altitude of 5,280 feet, we are exactly at 1 mile high. The air is thinner and dryer, but it's nothing some lotion, lip balm and water can't handle.

This also means we are used to less oxygen in the air, so physical training gets serious here and liquor hits our sea-level friends harder when they're visiting us.

Due to our altitude training, we can out drink our West Coast friends any day.

Denver is one of those places with a little of something for everyone.