5 People You'll Never Talk To Again After You Graduate From College

by Abigail Magder

It’s finally time to say goodbye to your reckless college lifestyle and say hello to the real world.

As you skirmish to get all of your final papers and last-minute partying in, you become well-aware that the day you have been avoiding for so long has finally arrived.

It’s crazy to believe that this day has finally come, and you will have to say goodbye to all of the people you have met throughout the past four years.

You know the people who have become your closest friends aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but what about the friends you've made outside of your social circle?

What will happen with the friendships you’ve formed along the way — the friends who have helped you edit your term papers, and the ones who bought you alcohol before you turned 21?

These people have undoubtedly contributed to your college experience as well, and in turn, they deserve credit where it’s due.

Here are the people who were integral to your college experience, but you probably won't talk to after graduation:

1. Your Study Partner.

Your study partner means a lot to you. Whenever you’re too tired or too hungover to get to class, he or she is the first person you ask to send you the notes or that study guide you forgot to pick up.

He or she sits right beside you in class and shares your eye-rolling tendencies whenever your professor assigns a paper.

This person is always by your side, whether you’re crying in the library the night before your final or laughing at your professor’s ridiculous outfit.

But, once you step off the stage at graduation, you realize that the friendship you have established was only temporary because school is over and classes are done.

You will miss him or her, but the chances of staying close — let alone even speaking regularly — are unfortunately slim to none.

2. Your Party Hookup.

This is the person you text or call whenever you want to know the deal for a Friday night.

He or she knows about all of the good parties and is a master at sneaking alcohol into the bar.

Even if it takes you a while to get a hold of this person (because he or she is usually drunk by 9 pm), he or she will always pull through for you.

This person knows if a was broken up by the cops, and will let you know if the guys at the soccer house are worth the trip.

When you’re ready to party, this person is ready to join you, but this type of friendship isn’t one that is built to last.

Still, I do recommend inviting him or her to your bachelor or bachelorette parties because even if it’s been years since you have spoken, I guarantee he or she will still be down to get weird.

3. Your Weed Dealer.

Your weed dealer is your savior. You have established a solid relationship with him or her because any relationship that is built from sharing a common interest will already be successful.

You know everything about his or her life, from where he or she went to high school to where he or she buys shoes.

You can always confide in him or her because if you’re already buying pot, what else do you have to hide?

But, come graduation, you’ll have to find someone else, and your college weed dealer will become a distant memory. But let’s face it: Your dealer is a stoner.

If he or she already has a hard time remembering where his or her keys are, do you think he or she will remember to stay in touch with you?

Probably not.

4. Your Ex.

Unless you have been dating the same person for four years, anyone you dated in college is probably not someone you feel the need to stay in touch with.

And that’s a good thing, since clearly, there is a reason why you two are not together anymore.

You may think of him or her from time to time if you happen to pass each other on campus, but in a couple of months, you will be asking yourself why you ever dated that person in the first place.

Once you have graduated, you will never have to worry again about running into him or her at the store because now, he or she lives 300 miles away from you. Thank god for that.

5. Your Gym Buddy.

Your gym buddy is not only there to lift weights with you, but to also get your ass out of bed and call you a bitch for not trying hard enough.

But, you don’t even care because what he or she says about you is probably true, and if you didn’t have your own personal motivator, you would still be trying to get rid of the freshman 15.

This person is your health and fitness guru, who you sometimes want to punch in the face because going to the gym on a Sunday morning is probably not the best idea after all those beer pong games you lost the night before.

But, you love this person for it and will be forever grateful for him or her putting up with your whining.

Even if you want maintain this relationship with after you graduate, he or she probably won't be interested in staying in touch with someone who cries after running two miles.

It’s safe to say that you will stay in touch with the people who you make an effort. But, it’s 2015 and the excuse that you're “really bad at keeping in touch” is getting a little old since you have the ability to call, text, email, Facebook, tweet, Snapchat and FaceTime.

You will soon learn that most people only stay in touch with their closest friends, and while it is sad, it is just the reality.

So, for all of the people who you’ve drunkenly met in the bathroom at the bar, and for the friends you made in class who hated biology as much as you did, just remember, even if you never speak again, your college experience would have never been the same without them.