The Most Outrageous Services From Around The World


It seems like today there is a service for any kind of vice, problem or fetish you have. No seriously, whatever it is you want or need, you can have it in a matter of minutes for just a small monetary fee.

But where should one draw the line from the pleasurable and fun, to the strange and just plain crazy?

These are the most outrageous services from around the world.

10. Hangover Heaven: a mobile hangover service in a bus with anti-inflammatory medications that have been proven to cure hangover effects, vitamin supplementation and snacks.

9. Ashes to Portraits: turns the ashes from your dead loved one in a portrait.

8. Jacqueline Samuel: the woman who charges $60 an hour for spooning.

7. Rent-a-Grandma: company that offers grandmas to rent for children and in-home care.

6. Crime Scene Cleaners Inc: will clean the mess of any homicide, suicide or accidental death since the police don't.

5. Last Meals Delivery Service: delivers a surprise meal chosen by a death row inmate.

4. stores good-bye messages to be sent to all of your contacts when you die.

3. Line Standing Service: provides people to stand in line for you in any part of the Washington DC area.

2. Professional Bird Shit Removal: removes the shit from your car or house.

1. Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service: $100 an hour for service to have your house cleaned by naked maids.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images